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The trunk contains 37 copies of the "The Circle of Life: The Miccosukee Indian Way", and also includes Miccosukee Indian costumes props, lesson plans for five activities to do with the trunk materials, and a Miccosukee vocabulary list.

"The Circle of Life: The Miccosukee Indian Way" is by Nancy Henderson and Jane Dewey. Targeted for 4th grade readers, this book is a factual account of what a day in the life of a Miccosukee child is like.

Borrowing Instructions

The trunk is available to teachers for 3-week time periods but is too large to be mailed out. Someone must be able to come to the park headquarters (south of Homestead) to pick up the trunk and to return it by the due date.

Please call the Everglades Environmental Education Office at ph (305)242-7753 for more information, or to make your reservation to use the trunk.


American Indian History and Culture, Family Life, Reading
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Traveling Trunk