Media For Loan

Materials For Loan:                                                Media Library

Teachers may request delivery of one of our traveling media libraries for use with their classes. Each media library packet includes a dozen DVD and CD titles about the Florida Everglades.

Click for a complete media library description (PDF).

We also have a kid-friendly video series for the classroom. Explore the Everglades Mountains and Valleys from a fresh perspective with expert guides along the way. This series features seven main habitats within Everglades National Park.

Borrowing Instructions

Media libraries are mailed free to your school and are available for one month. Because of the popularity of these libraries, it is recommended you request it at least a month before you wish to use it.Once you are finished, just pay the postage and mail the library back in the return envelope provided. Teachers are responsible for lost or missing items.


E-mail us to request a loan, and begin exploring the river of grass with your students!


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Media For Loan