Selected Readings

Primary Readings
  • Black, Stephen. (1999). Eugene O'Neill: Beyond Mourning and Tragedy
  • Bogard, Travis. (1989). Eugene O'Neill at Tao House
  • Bogard, Travis. (1988). Contour in Time
  • Chappell, Gordon. "Historic Resources" Cultural Resources Study
  • Ranald, Margaret. (1984). The Eugene O'Neill Companion
  • Heller, Adele & Rudnick, Lois. (1991). 1915: The Cultural Moment: The New Politics, the New Woman, the New Psychology, the New Art, and the New Theater in America
Collected Works
  • O'Neill, Eugene. (1988). The Complete Plays (3 vols.)
  • O'Neill, Eugene. (1988). The Unknown O'Neill
  • O'Neill, Eugene. (1979). Poems
  • O'Neill, Eugene. (1960). Inscriptions: Eugene O'Neill to Carlotta Monterey O'Neill
  • O'Neill, Eugene. (1981). Work Diary, 1924-1941.
  • Bryer, Jackson. (1982). The Theater We Worked For...
  • Commins, Dorothy. (1986). Love, Admiration and Respect
  • Roberts, Nancy and Arthur Roberts. (1987). As Ever, Gene
  • Bogard, Travis and Jackson Bryer, eds. (1988). Selected Letters of Eugene O'Neill
Unfinished Plays
  • Floyd, Virginia. (1981). Eugene O'Neill At Work
  • Floyd, Virginia. (1988). The Unfinished Plays
  • Gelb, Arthur and Barbara Gelb. (1962, 1974). O'Neill
  • Sheaffer, Louis. (1968). O'Neill, Son and Playwright
  • Sheaffer, Louis. (1973). O'Neill, Son and Artist
Information on Carlotta
  • Quintero, Jose. If You Don't Dance They Beat You
  • Kellner, Bruce. (1991). The Last Dandy - Ralph Barton
  • Gallup, Donald. Pigeons on Granite: Memories of a Yale Librarian
Additional Readings
  • Alexander, Doris. The Tempering of Eugene O'Neill
  • Barlow, Judith. Final Acts: The Creation of Three Late O'Neill Plays
  • Bogard, Travis. The Unknown O'Neill
  • Boulton, Agnes. Part of a Long Story
  • Bowen, Croswell. The Curse of the Misbegotten
  • Carpenter, Frederic. Eugene O'Neill
  • Clark, Barrett. Eugene O'Neill
  • Commins, Dorothy. What is an Editor: Saxe Commins at Work
  • Floyd, Virginia. The Plays of Eugene O'Neill: A New Assessment
  • Manheim, Michael. (1982). Eugene O'Neill's New Language of Kinship
  • Wainscott, Ronald. (1988). Staging O'Neill: The Experimental Years, 1920-1934

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