African American Heritage & Ethnography Key Concepts: Learning Resources Center—Links


Key Concepts

  1. This statement is part of the UNESCO definition of cultural heritage it advanced during 2002—United Nations Year for Cultural Heritage To read the complete statement of “What is Cultural Heritage?” click of the link that follows:
  2. UNESCO affirms that respect for the diversity of cultures. To read the complete statement click on the following link
  3. Learn more about the kinds of questions the U.S. Census asked about ethnicity and race. Review the official U.S. Census Data Collection form.
    Review the official description of how the census data collection questions have changed.
    The Black Population Census 2000 Brief, Pp. 1, August 2001 (April 30, 2002).
  4. Visit the United States Historical Census Data Browser. Compare the Census 2000 and census data collected in other decades on ethnicity and race. How have the terms used to describe races changed over time?
  5. Explore maps of demographic information on the CensusScope a web site of Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN) a university-based organization that creates demographic media (University of Michigan).
  6. Learn more about the legal aspects of heritage preservation.
  7. Learn about National Park Sites that have association with African American history and heritage.
    Ethnography Program: National Parks Associated with African Americans: An Ethnographic Perspective.
  8. Cultural Resources Diversity Program: National Park Service Historic Places and Resources: African American.
  9. National Center for Cultural Resources
    Our Shared History: Visit African American National Park Sites.