African American Heritage & Ethnography African Nation Founders: Africans in the Chesapeake—Self Assessment 1

Learning from the Past: Assess Your Knowledge

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  1. The changing legal status of people of African descent, illustrated for example by the Slaves Code of 1705, is the only tangible way to definitively understand how Africans and African Americans were affected by the colonial system.

    1. True


    2. False

      Correct. The effects of the colonial system on African Americans can also be seen through plantation account books, newspaper articles, naming practices, first person accounts, food remains, death records, diaries, wills and even travel accounts to name but a few of the primary and secondary sources used to reconstruct what life may have been like for people of African descent.

  2. African laborers were critical in the development of the Chesapeake because:

    1. they were needed to clear the land, open the wilderness and build settlements.


    2. initially less than 50% of European immigrants were skilled laborers.


    3. initially few Europeans came as indentured servants.


    4. all of the above.

      Correct. All of the above statements are reasons used for the increased importation of people from the African continent.

    5. none of the above.


  3. Select the Best answer to complete the sentence:

    People of African descent were often excluded from military service because:

    1. of Islamic tradition that forbade participation in the military.


    2. they were not citizens and thus could not legally serve.


    3. of the fear of rebellion and the status of enslaved peoples as private property.

      Correct. Fear of armed rebellion limited the admission of people of African descent into the armed services. It has also been suggested that the cost to slave owners in the event of the death of a slave was more that some colonial administrations were willing to pay.

    4. none of the above.


  4. Which of the statements below is FALSE:

    1. Marriages between people of African descent was limited to those living on the same plantation.

      Correct. Marriages often occurred between people in different locations due to shortages in potential spouses in one location and the continued fragmentation of families through sale.

    2. African men outnumbered African women in terms of initial importation to the Chesapeake region.


    3. Nuclear, intergenerational, blended, fictive kin and polygamous marriages existed among people of African descent.


    4. The concentration of people from West Central Africa and the Blight of Biafra led to family formations, kinship networks, and intergenerational transference of African culture.