Lesson Plan

Molding of a Leader: Introduction

General Eisenhower and the 101st Airborne Div. on the eve of D-Day

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Grade Level:
Fourth Grade-Fifth Grade
History, Language Arts, Reading, U.S. Presidents, World War II, Writing
45 minutes
Group Size:
Up to 36
National/State Standards:
PA Education Standards:
English/Language Arts
1.2.5 A, 1.5.5 B, 1.6.5 D


The Molding of a Leader is a character education program for 4th and 5th grade students focusing on Eisenhower's leadership ability and the trust others had in him as both Supreme Commander and 34th President of the United States. Five lesson plans challenge students to learn about the character traits that helped mold Eisenhower into such an effective leader and consider how to develop and demonstrate those same character traits in their own lives.


Students will read a short biography of President Eisenhower.

They will then choose three important facts from his life and write a short speech to introduce the President to their PTO as a guest speaker.


Dwight D. Eisenhower held many positions of leadership and trust during his life span of 78 years. Among his most critical roles were his leadership as Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during World War II and as leader of the free world during his presidency from 1953 to 1961. This proposed teaching package introduces students to this great American, but also challenges them to learn about his positive character traits that helped to develop his leadership skills.

This proposed teaching package is designed to appeal to all types of learners-visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. It fosters critical thinking skills as students read, write, listen, analyze, draw conclusions, and make connections to their own lives. The teaching package will include an introduction plus 5 lessons and a site visit.

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Site Visit - President Eisenhower : "A Man of Many Hats"

Lesson 5 - Post Visit - Get on the right TRRACC,Trustworthy, Respectful, Responsible, Accountable, Caring, and Citizenship


Molding of a Leader: Introductory Lesson Material
Includes: Dwight D. Eisenhower: An Overview, Task Sheet, Planning Triangle



Optional Rubric Scoring

1. Introduction has at least three facts about the life of Preesdient Eisenhower. It is written in paragraph form with no spelling or punctutation errors. A topic and closing sentence are included. Handwriting is legible.

2. Introduction has at least three facts about President Eisenhower. Paragraph form is not evident. There are some spelling and punctuation errors but the paragraph is still readable. Handwriting is legible.

1. Introduction has less than three facts about President Eisenhower. Spelling and punctuation errors make the introduction difficult to read. Handwriting is legible.

NSR. Response is illegible and has numerous errors and omissions.

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