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Conflict! The Eisenhower Years: Site Visit

Eisenhower and Prime Minister Nehru at the President's Gettysburg farm, December, 1956.
Eisenhower and Prime Minister Nehru at the President's Gettysburg farm, December, 1956.

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Grade Level:
Eighth Grade-Twelfth Grade
Cold War, History, U.S. Presidents
2 hrs.
Group Size:
Up to 36
in the park
National/State Standards:
PA Education Standards: History 8.1.9. 8.1.12, Civics and Govt. 5.4.9A, 5.4.9B, 5.4.12A, 5.4.12B


Eisenhower invited many world leaders to his farm at Gettysburg. Eisenhower said these visits allowed him to “take the measure of the man.”

In December, 1956, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru visited the farm for an overnight stay.  At the time, world issues included the invasion of Hungary by the Soviet Union, the expansion of Communism, the Suez Canal, and India’s problems with Pakistan.  Planning the visit was an important part of the U. S. foreign policy that year.


In this lesson, students will use primary source documents-the actual briefing papers and schedules –to develop their own planned visit for this world leader.



Handouts for site visit:
Scheduling sheet
Excerpt on Nehru Visit from Waging Peace
Summary of Nehru visit from World News Digest
State Department press program and confidential objectives and suggestions for Nehru visit
Excerpts from Dr. Howard Snyder's medical diary 
Map of President's farm and floor plan of house



Additional Activities for Follow-up:

1. Based on what students have learned, ask them to imagine that they were a member of the Indian group that visited the Gettysburg farm. Ask them to write a letter home describing the visit of Prime Minister Nehru.

2. Have students write the article that might have appeared in a newspaper on the day following the Nehru visit.

3. One of the things Eisenhower liked to do for relaxation was to paint. Ask students to complete a sketch that Eisenhower might have made of one of the locations used during this diplomatic visit. Make sure students see Eisenhower's easel as they tour the house.

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