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Conflict! The Eisenhower Years: Lesson 2

American troops fighting in Italy during WWII
American troops fighting in Italy during WWII

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Grade Level:
Eighth Grade-Twelfth Grade
History, International Relations
30 mins.
Group Size:
Up to 36
National/State Standards:
PA Education Standards:
Civics and Govt. 5.3.9, 5.3.12, 5.4.9, 5.4.12
Reading, Writing, Speaking... 1.6.8 D, 1.6.11 D
History 8.3.9 D, 8.3.12 D


Students need a basic grounding in the history of international conflicts so that they can better understand the seminal role that Dwight D. Eisenhower played in resolving many of the most important conflicts of the Twentieth Century.  In this lesson, students discuss an essay by former President Jimmy Carter on the history of war.  They also apply what they learned in Lesson 1.


Students will be able to discuss and describe causes of war throughout the centuries, how war has changed, and whether or not there is such a thing as a "just war."

Students will be able to research, analyze, and categorize current conflicts



Conflict! The Eisenhower Years: Lesson 2 Materials:
Includes a copy of Handout #3, "Making War: Centuries of Conflict," for each student.

Newspapers and news magazines.Several copies of today's newspaper will be especially helpful.



Additional Activity for Follow-up:

Students may create a bulletin board based on the information they learn in this activity.

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