Wildlife of the Mississippi Valley


Wildlife of the Mississippi Valley

Strand: Science
Grade Level: 1 - 2
Duration: 30 minutes (Depends on the length of video)
Location: classroom
Objective: The students will be able to discuss common characteristics of an animal after reading a book and/or watching a video about the animal. They will also be able to give reasons why the animal is common in this area and participate in completing a K-W-L chart. **Second grade students could complete the chart on their own.
  • book or video about an animal common to the Mississippi Valley
  • K-W-L chart
  • picture of the animal the children can color
  • crayons or markers

**If the children are completing their own chart, they will need a copy of the K-W-L chart and a pencil


Mississippi River wildlife

  1. Ask the students: What animals do you think live in the area we will be visiting?
  2. Choose an animal that you would like your students to learn about. Deer and wild turkey are plentiful in this area. Peregrine falcon are being reintroduced to the Mississippi Valley. Other wildlife include eagle, rabbits, squirrel, raccoon, beaver, snake, mosquito, etc.
  3. On the board or overhead draw a K-W-L chart. If the students are completing the chart on their own, pass the charts out at this time.
  4. As a class have them fill in the "What We Know" and the "What We Want to Know" columns for the animal you have chosen. If the students are completing their own charts you could have them complete the columns in small groups or individually.
  5. Read the children a book and/or show them a video about the animal.
  6. Fill in the last column - "What We Learned" with the children. If the children are completing the charts on their own they could do this part in small groups or individually.
  7. Have them color a picture of the animal. Optional: Animal Scramble and Match

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