What I Want to Learn at Effigy Mounds


What I Want to Learn

at Effigy Mounds

Strand: Language Arts and Science
Grade Level: 2 - 3
Duration: 20 minutes
Location: classroom
Objective: The student will be able to complete a K-W-L chart about their experiences at the Effigy Mounds National Monument
Materials: K-W-L Chart pencil paper
Vocabulary: Woodland Culture burial mounds effigy cemetery
  1. Present information about the Effigy Mounds National Monument. See Background Information and previsit activities.
  2. Give the students a copy of the K-W-L CHART
  3. Have them fill out the first two columns (What I Know and What I Want to Know). This could be done individually or in small groups
  4. As a class, discuss their "What I Want to Know" questions to give others new ideas for questions.
  5. Tell them they are responsible for finding the answers to their questions on the field trip. Tell them to ask the Park Ranger their questions.
  6. When they return from the trip, hand back their charts and have them fill in the last column "What I Learned."

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