A Day in the Life of a Woodland Child


A Day in the life of a

Woodland Child

Strand: Social Studies
Grade Level: 2 - 3
Duration: 30 minutes
Location: classroom
Objective: The students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the Woodland people and their way of life through a chart comparing their daily activities to a child from the Woodland Culture.
Materials: paper
Optional: crayons
Vocabulary: Woodland Culture Mississippi River burial mounds
  1. Discuss with the students the native people that lived in the Mississippi Valley and built the mounds. See Background information. Be sure to include the three different groups that were part of the Woodland Culture. Share with the students that they made tools, clay pots, and baskets using the bark of the Basswood tree.
  2. Ask open ended questions such as:
    • What do you think they ate? How did they get their food? They didn't have grocery stores like we do.
    • What types of tools do you think they had and how did they make them?
    • What might the daily life of a Woodland child be like?
    • What did they do for fun?
    • How are your lives different from that of a Woodland child?
    • How are they the same?
  3. Have the children fold a blank sheet of paper in half the long way. Then have them unfold it and write "Woodland Child" on one side and "Me" on the other. On their side of the paper, have them list their daily activities. On the Woodland child side, have them list what a child living with the Woodland people might do during a day. Optional: The students could draw rebus pictures to accompany their lists.
  4. Have the children share their charts like a show-and-tell. Instead of creating a chart, the students could write sentences comparing their life to a Woodland child's life. Paragraph one could be about them and paragraph two could be about the Woodland child. Optional: Picture the Past

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