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Black and white photograph from 1929 of a replica of Thomas Edison's first working lightbulb.
Replica of Thomas Edison's first working light bulb. This image depicts a clear glass bulb affixed to a rounded wooden base.

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Be an Inventor

See if you can invent like Edison

Explore Edison's Laboratory Complex and see how Thomas Edison had a room or building for various steps of his invention process.

Can you pick out the right material for the light bulb filament? Can you pick out the right shape? Play the game and see if YOU can build a working light bulb.

How hard can inventing be? See if you can make the right decisions to steer the Edison Team to successfully invent the motion picture camera.

Thomas Edison taking notes in his chemistry lab.
Thomas Edison taking notes in his chemistry lab. This photo shows Thomas Edison sitting in a chair and writing in a notebook balanced on his lap.

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The Edison Test
If you wanted to work as an executive for Thomas A. Edison, Incorporated in the early 1920s, you had to pass a test. Edison himself chose the questions, which ranged from geography to astronomy to economics to fiction to history. The inventor believed that an intelligent, well educated person should know most of the answers. After all, he knew them and he had never been to college. In fact, he had mostly been home schooled by his mother!
Edison Mental Fitness Test
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