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This blog features articles and projects written by the Cultural Resources staff and interns here at Thomas Edison NHP. Unique artifacts and documents, as well as interesting projects, will be featured here.

Historic Glenmont Employee of the Month

August 15, 2014 Posted by: Beth Miller, Glenmont Curator

On Edison day, in June, visitors voted for the historic Glenmont employee of the month. Here we showcase the "Home Executive", you may have heard of her...


Featured Artifact: Unraveling the Mystery of the "Fancy Chair"

July 22, 2014 Posted by: Beth Miller, Glenmont Curator

Curator Beth Miller teases out the details of a chair that has been in the Edison's home for over ninety years, yet has never been thoroughly researched. The chief question: Who actually made it?


Featured Artifact: Miller Family Photo Album

March 25, 2014 Posted by: Beth Miller, Curator of Glenmont

Tucked away on the third floor of the Edison family home is a photo album featuring Mina's relatives. Learn more about it from this post by the curator of Glenmont.


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