HSR Deliverables, 0.2 Prepare HSR Front Matter


0.2.1 Prepare Cover Page
  • Include the report title, name(s) of structure(s), name(s) of primary authors and investigators with affiliated office, regional office, department, and date of report.
  • List project managers, and other contributors who did not prepare the text, in an acknowledgement section.
  • Provide a signature page to follow the cover page with “recommended by” and “approved by” signature lines to document acceptance of the HSR. (Traditionally the HSR is recommended by the office preparing the report and approved by a park superintendent and/or regional director.)
  • List most current date of report.
  • List project managers and other contributors in an acknowledgement section.

0.2.2 Prepare Table of Contents
  • Format according to the main HSR section headings and include appropriate sub-headings based on the report’s content.
  • When appropriate, include list of illustrations and their credits.

0.2.3 Prepare Executive or Management Summary
  • Research done to produce the HSR.
  • Summarize major research findings.
  • Summarize major issues identified in the project agreement.
  • Summarize recommendations for treatment or use. (Deviations from general planning documents shall be identified here and discussed more fully in the body of the report.)

0.2.4 Prepare Administrative Data
  • List names, numbers, and locational data (List of Classified Structures (LCS)) used to refer to the structure.
  • Describe the proposed treatment of the structure referencing the park planning document or other source when it is identified.
  • List related studies.
  • Document cultural resource data, including date listed in the national register, period of significance, and context of significance.
  • Document recommendations for documentation, cataloging, and storage of materials generated by the HSR.

Last updated: March 31, 2012