HSR Deliverables Section by Section


1.0 Prepare HSR Front Matter

HSR Standards

1.1 Prepare Cover Page
1.2 Prepare Table of Contents
1.3 Prepare Executive Summary
1.4 Prepare Administrative Data


2.0 Prepare Part 1 - Developmental History

HSR Standards

2.1 Describe Historical Background and Context
2.2 Describe Chronology of Development and Use
2.3 Document Physical Description
2.4 Describe Character Defining Features
2.5 Prepare Condition Assessment


3.0 Prepare Part 2 - Evaluate Treatment and Use

HSR Standards

3.1 Discuss and Analyze Ultimate Treatment and Use
3.2 Specify Requirements for Treatment
3.3 Specify Alternatives for Treatment
3.4 Specify Assessment of Effect for Recommended Treatments


4.0 Prepare Part 3 - Record of Treatment (Prepared during and after treatment.)

HSR Standards

4.1 Summarize Work
4.2 Include Technical Data


5.0 Prepare Appendices

HSR Standards

5.1 Prepare Bibliography
5.2 Prepare and Insert Photographs and Images
5.3 Prepare and Insert Drawings
5.4 Insert Historic Documents
5.5 Insert Historic Materials Analysis
5.6 Insert Supplementary Reports


6.0 Deliverables

6.1 Submit 100% Draft Historic Structure Report for Review

  • HSR Front Matter
  • Part 1 - Developmental History
  • Part 2 - Treatment and Use
  • Record of Treatment
  • Appendix

6.2 Resolve Historic Structure Report Comments and Submit Final Historic Structure Report for Final Approval
Resolve all review comments and incorporate resolutions into the final Historic Structure Report document. Submit 3 copies of the final Historic Structure Report document and written responses to review comments, utilizing the NPS review form, within 15 calendar days of receipt of comments.

6.3 Submit Final Historic Structure Report
Upon final approval of documents submitted in Paragraph 4.2, submit 2 electronic copies and 35 hard copies of the final Historic Structure Report.


Last updated: June 5, 2015