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NPS Sustainable Transportation Tool and Guidance Workshop Held

Scenic view of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

NPS Photo

Scenic view at Blue Ridge Parkway.

March 2014

The Denver Service Center recently hosted a Sustainable Transportation Workshop as part of an effort to develop a sustainable transportation tool to use throughout the national park system. The tool will be modeled on GreenLITES, the New York State Department of Transportation’s sustainability program. The NPS sustainable transportation tool will be compatible with the existing Denver Service Center facility sustainability checklist and database currently being developed.

Participants in the workshop included partners from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Federal Highway Administration, and NPS representatives from the WASO Transportation Branch, North Cascades National Park, the Intermountain Regional Office, and the Denver Service Center.

The project team is working to develop preliminary sustainable transportation criteria to be piloted on various NPS transportation projects, and ultimately, develop an implementation process and associated guidance for a Servicewide sustainable transportation tool by May 2015.