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Congestion Management Toolkit Available for Park Managers

Congestion at Arches National Park, Utah.

NPS Photo

Congestion at Arches National Park, Utah.

April 2014

Staff from the Denver Service Center (DSC) Transportation Division and WASO Transportation Branch have worked together to develop a Congestion Management Toolkit. This resource is designed to provide technical assistance to park, region and DSC staff with congestion management problems.

The toolkit uses a 7-step process to explore and resolve congestion based on adaptive management. The step-by-step process is a 'problem-first' approach to dealing with congestion. The right types of transportation and congestion solutions can often help to address the demands of visitor access, while enhancing visitor experience and protecting natural and cultural resources.

The 59 different tools can be used separately or in combinations. Each tool has examples, emphasis areas, pros and cons, implementation time frames, up-front and long-term costs, performance standards, and additional resources.