March 2011 Construction Update

Installing tiles along the bottom of a wall in one of the bathrooms.
Installing tiles on one of the bathroom walls at the visitor center.

March 28, 2011

Quarry Visitor Center
The drywall in the visitor center is complete. Work continues on the tongue-and-groove ceiling. Installation of this ceiling should be completed by April 1.

The bathrooms have been primed and painted. Tiles are now being installed on the bathroom walls.

The roofer is working on the downspouts and gutters.

Installation of the photovoltaic panels on the roof of the visitor center will begin this week.

Wood on ceiling beam covered with plastic in preparation for painting walls of visitor center.
A ceiling beam and windows are covered with plastic in preparation for painting the walls in the exhibit area of the visitor center. Also visible is a section of the new, still unfinished tongue-and-groove ceiling.
View of the Quarry Exhibit Hall with recent structural steel work visible.
View of the Quarry Exhibit Hall in late March 2011.

Quarry Exhibit Hall – The contractor has moved heaters into the building and will tarp the building so that painting can begin. They are using an epoxy primer that isn’t as temperature-sensitive as other primers.

Work will begin on the north curtain wall this week. Once the north wall is finished, the contractors will proceed to the east, west, and south walls, in that order. Installation of the curtain walls is expected to take between 30 and 45 days.

White beams are stacked on the ground to be used in the new east curtain wall.
Framing materials for the new east curtain wall at the Quarry Exhibit Hall.
Sketch of an exhibit that will be in the new visitor center. A model of Steamboat Rock rises above a circular base.
Sketch of one of the exhibits that will be in the new visitor center. The exhibit includes a model of Steamboat Rock and the confluence of the Green and Yampa rivers.

Exhibits – Park staff received work-in-progress photos of several of the exhibit structures currently under construction. Among these was a photo of the Steamboat Rock model. This scale model, part of an exhibit on the rivers of Dinosaur NM, will be located in the Quarry Visitor Center.

Although the exhibits in the Quarry Exhibit Hall will focus on paleontology, those in the visitor center will introduce visitors to the many and diverse features of the monument, ranging from pictographs and petroglyphs to homesteading history, and from geology to rivers and ecosystems.

Two photos of a wooden model of Steamboat Rock.
Two views of the Steamboat Rock model currently under construction at the exhibit fabricator's facility.
Ladder and other equipment sit in front of a wall on which the taping and mud coating of drywall has recently been completed.
Recently completed drywall in the exhibit area of the Quarry Visitor Center. In a few months, exhibits about paleontology, pictographs and pictographs will occupy this area of the visitor center.

March 16, 2011

Be sure to check out the new Exhibits section of the Construction Update.

Quarry Visitor Center -
With the taping and mud coats largely finished, drywall installation is nearly complete.

The restrooms have been primed and first cost of paint applied. Tile work in the restrooms is scheduled to begin next week.

The installation of a tongue and groove ceiling began last week and is ongoing. The wood used in this ceiling was part of the original quarry building. During last summer's demolition work, the wood was salvaged and set aside for use in the new visitor center. This recycled wood is one of many sustainable features in the visitor center and exhibit hall.

Man standing in a man lift installs wood on a partially completed tongue-and-groove ceiling.
Working on the new tongue-and-groove ceiling at the visitor center. Although the ceiling is new, the wood is more than 50 years old. The wood used in this ceiling was salvaged from the original quarry building, built in 1957-1958.
View of structural steel columns near the roof of the building and rugged, snowy landscape beyond.
Recently completed structural steel work along the roofline of the exhibit hall (and a view of the landscape through the steel beams).

Quarry Exhibit Hall – Installation of structural steel on the north wall is complete except for revisions and reinforcements. Painters will soon prime the north wall and interior painting is scheduled to begin soon.

Lead-based paint abatement continued in spots.

Two men in a lift prepare to work on structural steel near the roofline of the exhibit hall.
Structural steel installation at the Quarry Exhibit Hall.
Paper proofs for an orientation exhibit that will include a large map of the monument. Other paper proofs visible in backfground.
Paper proof of an exhibit that highlights different areas of the monument and the features found in each area. Proofs for lots of other exhibits are visible in the background.

Exhibits - This week marks a milestone of sorts for the new exhibits that will be installed in the visitor center and exhibit hall: Park staff received a hefty package from our exhibit fabricator containing full-size proofs of all the exhibit panels. With just over 100 panels needing a final once-over, we’ve pulled out our proverbial fine-toothed comb and are enjoying a preview of things to come.

Paper proofs of a large rectangular exhibit panel and smaller circular panels.
Located outside the Quarry Exhibit Hall, these panels will guide you on a journey through time, back to the late Jurassic.
A work scaffold/ladder sits in front of a wall with newly installed drywall.
Drywall installation has been underway for the last couple of weeks. Here a shot of some newly installed drywall in the bookstore.

March 3, 2011

Quarry Visitor Center - Electrical work continued this week and was focused on the Intermountain Natural History Association bookstore and the sloped ceiling that covers the exhibit area.

Drywall installation was ongoing and is expected to be completed at the end of next week.

With much of the drywall already installed, interior painting is expected to begin sometime next week.

View of the exterior of the visitor center still under construction.
The Quarry Visitor Center in late February 2011.
The exhibit hall with new white steel wind columns and the steel framework for the mezzanine visible.
Steel wind columns are being installed at the exhibit hall. They are the white columns running from the foundation to the roof. The structural steel of the mezzanine is also visible.

Quarry Exhibit Hall - Welding of the structural steel frameworks for the mezzanine and interior and exterior ramps has been completed.

Installation of the wind columns on the east and west walls has begun and is expected to be completed by the end of this week. The wind columns are I-beams attached to the steel frame of the quarry and to the foundation. They provide additional strength and rigidity for the structure.

The tops of steel columns welded to a roofing structure with the snow-covered ground visible far below.
The tops of the wind columns.

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