July 2010 Construction Update Blog

Quarry Visitor Center construction

July 27 & August 3, 2010

Quarry Visitor Center – Internal data and electrical underground conduit work is nearly complete. The internal underground sewer installation is also complete.

The west abutment wall is formed and concrete will be poured this week. The slab-on-grade and sub-grade are prepped. The northeast and northwest corners were poured, and three additional pours are scheduled for later this week and next. The first pour was very large; subsequent pours will be reduced in size to ensure quality.

Bridge abutment and slab-on-grade concrete inspections are on-going, as are the electrical underground inspections.

Quarry Exhibit Hall construction

Quarry Exhibit Hall – Window abatement work continues. The north and west walls have been completed and the south wall should be complete this week.

The verification pile test took place last week and it performed well. The three proof piles are complete, and three production piles are complete. Proof pile testing will begin soon.

Quarry Visitor Center construction

July 20, 2010

Quarry Visitor Center –Sewer installation continues and should be completed this week. The concrete slab work has begun with a lot of the backfilling continuing around the new footings and foundation. The damp/water proofing along the foundation walls was added. The west abutment wall for the pedestrian bridge has been formed and the concrete will be poured soon.

Quarry Exhibit Hall construction

Quarry Exhibit Hall – Demolition is largely complete. The north wall window abatement is nearly complete, and the west wall is about 75% finished. The verification pile was drilled and grouted, and the test frame constructed. Testing confirmed that the design and installation was good. The test pile that was drilled in the middle of the south wall hit bedrock at about 25 feet.


July 15, 2010

Quarry Visitor Center – Contractors began laying out the plumbing and sewer connections for the new restrooms. The mechanical room has been backfilled. The footings for the bridge abutment walls were poured yesterday. The internal data and electrical underground conduit work continues, and the backfilling is on-going. This should be complete next week. They finished the concrete work for the footings and walls around the building.

Quarry Exhibit Hall – The 28,000-pound gantry crane was removed last week. The contractor first pushed the crane to the east end of the building where all the windows had been removed. They removed the rails from the west end of the building and then extended the rails to the east into the parking lot. Three large cranes gingerly pulled the gantry crane out of the building and laid it on its side in the parking lot.

The rotunda was the most structurally unstable part of the building. Because of the building’s movement over the last 50 years, tension built up on the steel support columns and beams. The contractor had to work carefully to release that tension so that there was no unintended structural damage or injuries to workers. After weeks of treating lead based paint on the steel beams and asbestos found in the putty holding windows in place, demolition of the ramp and rotunda occurred on Thursday. The mezzanine and stairs have been completely removed.

July 9, 2010

Quarry Visitor Center – The concrete work is moving along. Wall lifts continued to be poured, and concrete for the last two spot footings was placed last week. Internal data and electrical conduit work continued. The plumbing installation under the slab began. Backfilling began this week for the multi-purpose room and exhibit area.

Quarry Exhibit Hall – The waterproofing layer under the tile in the restrooms tested negative for ACM. General demolition continued. The gantry crane was removed last week. Most of the tapered steel beams in the lower south wing have been cut and removed. The salvaged wood decking has been stockpiled for reuse at the new visitor center. Window abatement was on hold this week while spot lead abatement on the structural steel continued. The lead paint abatement has been more time consuming that anticipated.

July 2, 2010

Quarry Visitor Center
– The footings are almost complete. Pouring the concrete slab should start next week. Installation of the new foot bridge between the building and the parking lot should also begin next week.

Quarry Exhibit Hall – This past week was busy. The roof over the south wing and the rotunda were removed in preparation for demolition. The gantry crane - the permanent crane inside the building once used to move people and fossils on/off the cliff face - was removed. Major demolition of the south has begun.


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