Hunters Reminded of Dinosaur National Monument Regulations

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Date: August 29, 2013
Contact: Dan Johnson, Chief of Interpetation and Visitor Services, (435) 781-7702
Contact: Lee Buschkowsky, Chief Ranger, (970) 374-3004

Dinosaur, CO – With the opening of hunting seasons on lands surrounding Dinosaur National Monument, hunters are reminded that hunting is not permitted in the  monument. Although most of the monument boundary is well marked, hunters are responsible for ensuring they do not hunt within the monument.

The Lacey Act and the Code of Federal Regulations strictly prohibit the killing or removal of any animal, living or dead, from inside Dinosaur. Taking and removing any animal parts, including shed antlers, is also prohibited. Violators will be investigated and aggressively prosecuted. They are subject to penalties including fines, restitution, and the forfeiture of vehicles, equipment, and personal property associated with the violations.

Wounded wildlife that runs into the monument must be reported to park rangers or state wildlife officers before it is retrieved. To prevent waste, it is permissible to field dress a dead animal inside the monument before authorities arrive, but a living, wounded animal may not be shot inside the monument. Contact rangers at park headquarters at (970) 374-3000 or at the Quarry Visitor Center at (435) 781-7000 during business hours. After hours, call the Craig Regional Dispatch at (970) 824-6501 for Colorado or Uintah Basin Dispatch at (435) 789-2511 for Utah.

Federal law allows people, who can legally possess firearms under applicable federal, state, and local laws, to legally possess and carry firearms in Dinosaur National Monument, but discharge of firearms remains prohibited in the monument. Additional details are available on the web at

During bow season, a bow permit is required to transport bows across National Park Service land to access adjacent lands when other means of access are otherwise impractical or impossible. Permits can be obtained by calling either (970) 374-3022 or (970) 374-3004.

Wildlife taken lawfully outside the monument or on private in-holdings within the monument may be transported through the monument on park roads. The person(s) transporting the wildlife must have in their possession a valid state hunting license and the animal carcasses must display a valid, properly completed State game tag. The animal carcasses are subject to inspection at any time by an authorized person. The use of ATVs on the monument is prohibited. 

Elk bugles, varmint calls, audio attractants, or other artificial or natural means of attracting or disturbing wildlife (including rattling antlers, coyote, turkey and sage grouse calls, or verbal bugling or howling imitations) are prohibited on all monument land including the right-of-way along the Harpers Corner Road. Spotlighting or use of an artificial light to view wildlife within the monument is also prohibited. 

Visitors or hunters who observe illegal hunting activity within the monument should call the National Park Service at (970) 374-3004 or 374-3022.

For more information on Dinosaur National Monument, call us at (435) 781-7700. You can also find us on facebook or follow DinosaurNPS on twitter.

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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