Distance Learning

Visit the Tower From Your Classroom

Devils Tower National Monument offers education programs using the power of the virtual classroom. If you have a computer with webcam and high-speed internet, you can connect live with a park ranger at the Tower! Distance learning programs offered by the park are listed farther down this page.

Teachers interested in a distance learning program should submit a request form. Park staff will contact you to confirm a time and date for your test connection; a successful test connection is extrememly important and required before we can offer you a program.

How Do We Connect?

Devils Tower National Monument uses the Polycom RealPresence Web Suite application for distance learning programs. This is a free software which downloads automatically the first time you connect with the park.

Sometimes a school's network blocks the Polycom application. To ensure connectivity, it is required that a school allows access to IP through their network firewall. Communicate with your school's IT department or network administrator for assistance.

Tips for Distance Learning

  • Use a projector and speakers: A projector will allow your class(es) to easily see the ranger during the presentation. Computer speakers are usually loud enough, but external speakers can help amplify in large rooms.
  • The webcam should show your class: The ranger will conduct an interactive presentation, and seeing their audience improves the program experience.
  • Assist the ranger: Call on students who have questions or answers during the program. The ranger may need you to repeat student responses if they are too far from the computer/microphone.
  • Prepare your class: Some programs have a pre-program lesson or activity that introduces concepts to your students. At the very least, they should be familiar with national parks and the subject of their lesson.
  • Take advantage of the test connection: Use the same computer you plan to use for the program, as well as other hardware (e.g. projector or speakers). Test the Web Suite settings and features to find out what works best for you. Ask any questions you might have.
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    Last updated: September 26, 2018

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