The National Park Service (NPS) has a long-standing relationship with teachers, schools and districts across the country. The Teacher-Ranger-Teacher (TRT) program was born out of that relationship. Although the program has evolved over the years, the primary goals remain:
  • To provide teachers with place-based learning opportunities
  • To connect the resources of the national parks with classrooms everywhere
  • To create ambassadors between schools and national park sites
  • To benefit national park visitors through the expertise of professional educators
The education staff at Devils Tower National Monument participates in the TRT program, which today is administered through a partnership with the University of Colorado, Denver. Teachers have the opportunity to earn graduate-level credit hours through UC Denver, and are paid a stiped upon program completion.

In addition to the TRT program, Devils Tower National Monument offers a separate but similar "Teacher In Park" (TIP) program. Since this program is not administered through UC Denver, it has a few key differences. There are no graduate credits available for TIP, but appointees wear the park service uniform; also, the park and teacher both have more freedom to determine how best to utilize the teacher's time and skills.

Either program offers great opportunities for teachers to connect with their national parks. Basic requirements to complete either program include:
  • 240 hour committment (6-8 weeks)
  • Flexible time-frame of work from May - August
  • Work with a variety of park staff to learn different operations
  • Develop lesson plans and resources for park's education program

Last updated: January 17, 2018

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