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Tower Introduction

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Grade Level:
Upper Elementary: Third Grade through Fifth Grade
Literacy and Language Arts,Math,Science,Social Studies
Common Core Standards:
5.L.3, 5.SL.1, 5.SL.2, 5.SL.3


Devils Tower National Monument is a small park with a big rock! The park protects a little slice of the Black Hills ecosystem in addition to one of the most unique geologic formations in the world. That unique geology has made this place a culturally significant site for indigenous people, a world-famous climbing destination, and a pop culture phenomenon.

This distance learning program will cover general information about the park, as well as basic information about the National Park Service. It offers students an overview of everything that makes the site significant, including some of the geologic processes which formed the Tower and its sacredness to American Indians.

How to Participate

To register, submit a request online; select the form for distance learning and choose "Devils Tower Introduction" as your program. Once submitted, park staff will contact you to confirm your test connection and finalize details. A successful test connection is required before your program date can be finalized.

All distance learning programs require a computer with webcam and high-speed internet.

Other Links and Information

The park website is a great place for your students to learn more about the natural and cultural history of the park before their program. Teachers may also request a DVD about the park to be sent to them on loan; there is a lesson plan associated with this DVD on the park website.


Last updated: October 9, 2018