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Landforms & Erosion

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Grade Level:
Lower Elementary: Pre-Kindergarten through Second Grade
Literacy and Language Arts,Math,Science
Common Core Standards:
2.L.1, 2.L.2, 2.L.3, 2.L.4, 2.SL.1, 2.SL.2, 2.SL.3, 2.SL.4
State Standards:
NGSS: 2-ESS1; 2-ESS2


This is a Ranger in the Classroom (RIC) program. It is based on the Earth sciences curriculum for grade 2. A park ranger will visit your school and deliver an interactive presentation followed by a classroom activity. Depending on your class schedule, the ranger can deliver multiple programs for each class/section, or a single presentation for all sections at once.

The Landforms & Erosion program covers basic landforms (including Devils Tower) and looks at how those landforms can change over time. It also touches on ways that humans can cause changes to landforms. The activity is science and math based, and demonstrates how water erosion can affect a landform. Access to a sink and running water is helpful for setup and cleanup of the activity. The ranger will provide necessary materials.

For a fun pre-visit activity, check out the Landforms Dinosaur, which incorporates language arts and visual arts to teach students about different types of landforms.

To register for the program, go to the program request page and click on "Request a ranger to visit your school."


Last updated: December 13, 2017