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Due to accessibility requirements, the documents associated with the activities below have been removed from the park website. However, they are still available upon request. Please email the education ranger with the names of the documents you would like, and they will send them electronically.

There are "In Park" activities designed for teachers to use while leading a field trip to the park. The "Pre/Post" activities are good classroom lessons for before or after your visit to the park. You will also find several information and activity sheets taken from the children's activity book "Discover Devils Tower National Monument." Some include suggested grade levels, but all can be adapted for any age group.

The Devils Tower Natural History Association (DTNHA) operates the park bookstore and gift shop. An important park partner, DTNHA supports our education and outreach efforts. Check out the DTNHA website for more ideas on books and activities to share with your students. We also encourage you to visit the park's YouTube site, where you will find several short videos that will help you teach about the park's resources.


In Park:

Scavenger Hunt - A series of questions to challenge the observation skills and creativity of your students.

ABC Scavenger Hunt - An alphabetical list of things to find while you explore the park.

Food For Thought - A word puzzle about how porcupines survive in the Black Hills.

Habitat Hunt - An activity that takes place along Joyner Ridge Trail; includes pre- and post-site ideas, as well as other suggested materials.

Habitat Hunt w/ GPS - Same as above, but incorporates the use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

What's In A Name - Matching activity about American Indian names for the Tower; answers are found on a display inside the park's Visitor Center.



Explore the Tower - A simple board game about the Tower; good for lower elementary.

A Walk In Time - Short geology activity about the basic formation of the Tower.

Draw it Wild - A drawing and coloring activity about wildflowers.

Getting Up There - Crossword activity about climbing at Devils Tower; good for upper elementary/middle school.

Trees - Word search about tree ecology.

Who Was That - Fill in the blank activity about important figures in recent Devils Tower history.

Tower Formation & Sedimentary Rocks - Classroom activity about deposition and erosion.



Geology of Devils Tower - Information about the geology of the park.

American Indians - Activity about Native American culture.

Indian Legends - Paraphrased version of an oral history passed down by Cheyenne Indians.

Kiowa Legend - Short story of the Kiowa Indians' oral history about the Tower.

Explorers, Homesteaders & the Name - Crossword about early explorers and the origin of the name "Devils Tower."

America's First National Monument - Word puzzle about the monument's designation.

First Climb - Activity about the first recorded climb of the Tower in 1893.

Rock Climbing Today - Information on modern rock climbing (activity requires full book).

Famous Parachutist - Maze activity about the infamous 1941 parachutist, George Hopkins.

Prairie Dogs - Information on the endangered keystone species; includes drawing activity.

Belle Fourche River - Matching game and information about the river that eroded the land around the Tower.

Hiking & Safety - Activity about hiking in the park and staying safe outdoors.

Forest - Drawing activity about the ponderosa pine forests of the Black Hills.

Birds - Matching and coloring activity about common birds of Devils Tower National Monument.

Mammals - Coloring and matching activity and common mammals of the Black Hills.

Snakes - Coloring activity about snakes, a very misunderstood reptile.

Poison Ivy - Information about the rash-causing poison ivy plant.

Recycling - Information and activity about recycling.

Vocabulary - A simple word search game themed for Devils Tower.

Answer Key - Answers to the various puzzles and activities listed in this section.

Last updated: January 11, 2018

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