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First established in 1958, Devils Tower Natural History Association (DTNHA) is a not-for-profit corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of Wyoming. Cooperating Associations, like DTHNA, were chartered by the United States Congress to aid the National Park Service with historical, educational and interpretive programs. DTNHA's mission is to promote understanding and conservation of the natural, cultural, and historical resources of the monument through education, public information, and service. We invite you to join the Devils Tower Natural History Association and hope that you will stop at the Bookshop when you visit Devils Tower.

Devils Tower Natural History Association (DTNHA)

A Board of Directors made up of individuals from the membership governs DTNHA. Membership is open to anyone. Yearly dues are $10.00 for individuals, $25.00 for family or $25.00 for associate membership. One of the benefits of membership is a 15% discount on items sold by the association. Many other Cooperating Associations offer discounts to our members as well.

The Association publishes interpretive books, guides, and material about Devils Tower and the surrounding area. The Association offers publications for sale plus other items with interpretive or educational value regarding Devils Tower, the National Park Service and/or the region. All items available for sale by DTNHA must be formally approved by the Park Superintendent or her designee and DTNHA's Board of Directors. Each item is evaluated on its educational or interpretive merit. Our customers are the visitors to the monument and people wanting publications and other sales items pertaining to the monument. Also, we sell publications, videos, etc. produced by DTNHA to retailers, educational institutions, and libraries. The Association does not sell soft drinks or other souvenir type items because it is not a concessionaire. A concessionaire pays for the privilege of operating in a National Park or Monument. There are private businesses outside the Monument boundaries that sell these items. Bottled water is currently being provided through DTNHA as a convenience to visitors, per the request of the Park Superintendent.

Major projects the Association has funded or assisted with are:

  • Jr. Ranger program
  • Park library upgrading
  • Museum film preservation
  • Interpretive panels for kioskKiosk in the visitors center island at the base of the Tower
  • Covered shelter in the picnic area
  • Audio/visual equipment used for NPS campfire programs
  • Renovation of the amphitheater facilities
  • Purchased the Radio Travelers Information System
  • Volunteer in Parks program
  • Student Conservation Association programs
  • Special programs and speakers series, including the annual Cultural Program Series
  • WPA style poster and original art work
  • Published a video, children's activity book, children's game, geology book
  • Climbing handbook, and bird, flower, mammal, and tree checklists
  • Substantial funding and organizational efforts for 2006 Devils Tower Centennial events
  • (Devils Tower Centennial Committee was formed as sub-committee to DTNHA)
  • Organizational and funding support for annual Old Settlers' Picnic
  • Electrical upgrade to picnic shelter

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