Inupiaq Litter

Aliqsi, a tan colored alaskan husky with a dark nose and ears

NPS Photo

Aliqsi (F)

: 9/7/2009

Aliqsi is the Inupiaq word for “white socks.” She’s a sweet golden girl who can be one of the most consistent lead dogs on the trail when she’s not looking for squirrels or flirting with boy dogs.

nuna, a mostly tan colored alaskan husky

NPS Photo

Nuna (F)

: 9/7/2009

Nuna is one of the strongest girls in the whole kennel. Already, she has broken two doors from jumping on them out of excitement for dinner. When Nuna is not busy breaking doors, she is pulling her volunteer dog walkers into ditches. She absolutely loves to pull and you can tell when she is happy because her tail--rather than wagging back and forth—points straight up in the air.

Kavik, a mostly dark grey alaskan husky, laying in the snow

NPS Photo

Kavik (M)

Kavik is the adopted brother of Nuna and Aliqsi. He is a racing dog from a kennel in Kotzebue who came to the kennels in April 2011. Kavik’s name is Inuit for “Wolverine.” He is a squirrelly dog who has grown to love people. Kavik is one of our best summer lead dogs and loves the consistency of guiding a team around the track.

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