Bumblebee Litter

Lucor, an alaskan husky with a white face, chest and legs and a coat of brown, black and gray hair

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Lucor (m)

: 8/7/2010 Bumblebee Litter

As a puppy Lucor was the biggest in the litter, but as an adult he is smaller than both of his brothers. He may be smaller, but he is very strong and has the most beautiful floating trot of any dog in the kennel. Lucor is an excellent dog to skijor with and is a great leader in the winter as well. He is the father of the “Find Your Park” litter and hopefully the father of the 2016 littler with Annie. During the summer Lucor is very sweet and very shy. He may bark at the crowds asking everyone to "please leave me alone."
Latin name: Bombus lucorum
a white and gray colored alaskan husky with dirt on his nose

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Mixtus (m)

Born: 8/7/2010 Bumblebee Litter

From the time he was a pup Mixtus loved being a lead dog. When he ran free next to the team he would stuff himself in between the leaders and try to keep up. Now he is an incredibly intelligent leader. Mixtus thinks he is a tough dog, but deep down he is a big teddy bear and just wants lots of love and attention from everyone he meets.

Latin name: Bombus Mixtus
an alaskan husky with a white face and brownish coat

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Sitken (m)

Born: 8/7/2010
Bumblebee Litter

Sitken is a beautiful big dog with piercing blue eyes. His eyes have received so much attention that he was featured on the cover of a mushing magazine. He is big and strong, but is the most mellow of his brothers. His favorite hobbies are digging, laying in the shade, and scarfing down his kibble.

Latin name: Bombus sitkensis
a white and gray sled dog standing on her doghouse

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Sylvie (f)

Born: 9/20/2010 Bumblebee Litter

Sylvie was adopted into the Bumblebee litter as an 8-week old pup. She came from a kennel in Eagle and her sisters, Rupee and Drachma, joined Sylvie here in our kennel when they were 5 years old. Sylvie takes after both her mom and her dad in her ability to convince anyone and everyone to come over and give her belly rubs. She specializes in affection and never gets tired of attention in summer or winter. Sylvie is the mother of Zahnie from the Wilderness litter.

Latin name: Bombus sylvicola
a reddish-brown colored sled dog in the front of a team of dogs in a snowy landscape

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Rupee (f)

Rupee has a beautiful red coat and is the sister of Drachma and Sylvie. Rupee and Drachma joined our kennels in the fall of 2014 and is originally from a kennel in Eagle, Alaska. She is slowly getting used to seeing summer visitors, but will immediately flop over and ask for belly rubs from anyone she knows. Rupee is the mother of the “Find Your Park” Litter.
a black and brown sled dog laying down and mostly buried in snow

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Drachma (f)

Drachma is incredibly strong and focused on her job, but is also incredibly sweet to visitors. She is often found in one of our “pet me” spots stealing the hearts of visitors by rubbing against them asking for attention. She is one of our biggest females and is definitely a strong puller in the winter.

Last updated: June 6, 2016

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