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The scenic beauty of Denali is one of the biggest draws for visitors. The inspiration and solace many draw from wilderness, places untrammeled by humans, is vital.

Here, you will find a preview of your impending visit, a remembrance of time spent in the park, or a window to a far-away world that you will hopefully one day see in person.

Each panoramic image represents a different view from somewhere in the park. Command buttons are located at the bottom of each image. Some panoramas contain links to other views, allowing you to take a virtual sightseeing trip through some of this spectacular park.

Use the map below or the thumbnails for each panorama lower on the page to explore that part of the park.


Denali Panoramas

Dive into panoramas throughout Denali
panoramic image from atop a ridge, looking at distant mountains

View from the Eielson Alpine Trail

Check out the view from one of the few established trails deep in the park. On a clear day, get fantastic views of the Alaska Range. Ranger-led hikes occur here in summer.

Autumn view from atop Divide Mountain, of mountains and wide, brown river valleys

Divide Mountain - Summit View

Divide Mountain stands on the south side of the park road, near the Toklat River rest stop. Those up for a strenuous dayhike can gain this view, though it requires crossing the cold, swift Toklat River.

View from hills north of Wonder Lake, with lake in middle ground and Alaska Range in background

Wonder Lake in Autumn

Enjoy the view from just north of Wonder Lake. The park road is visible where it crosses the Wonder Lake outflow, while the Alaska Range can be seen in the distance.

mountains and glacial moraine

Glacial Moraine

View a glacial moraine up close.

View from atop a ridge, mountains and valleys in the distance

"Sheep Hill"

Overlook the Toklat River from "Sheep Hill."

The view from atop Mount Galen, snowy hills and mountains in the distance

Mount Galen

North of the park road is Mount Galen, with views of numerous unnamed mountains near and far.

Moose's Tooth, an iconic mountain of the Alaska Range
The Moose's Tooth

image courtesy blake gleason

Barille Summit

Stand high atop Barille and gaze down on the Ruth Amphitheater, the Great Gorge of the Ruth Glacier, the iconic Moose's Tooth, and more spectacular alpine scenery.

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Image of base camp on the Kahiltna Glacier
Explore a panoramic view of Base Camp

nps image

Base Camp

Explore the world of Base Camp on the Kahiltna Glacier. Most mountaineers attempting to summit Denali fly into camp at 7,000' above sea level on the Kahiltna, and start their climb from here.

In this pano is a link to explore farther down-glacier on the Kahiltna.

Scenic view of McKinley
A trail just below Eielson Visitor Center offers some lovely views

nps image

Eielson Visitor Center

One of the most popular destinations by shuttle bus, the views from Eielson Visitor Center on a clear day can be fantastic.

You can "hike" down from here to the Muldrow Glacier, which often fools new visitors because of how much vegetation grows on its lower section.

Viewing Mount McKinley from Wonder Lake Campground

nps image

Wonder Lake Campground

Not sure if the view outweighs the mosquitoes notorious to Wonder Lake Campground? Take a peek and decide for yourself.

This pano has a link to a series of images higher up in the Alaska Range.

View from Oastler Pass
The view from Oastler Pass

nps image

Oastler Pass

Check out the scenery from Oastler Pass, at about 5,600'. Mount Brooks dominates the view, towering thousands of feet above the Muldrow Glacier and Oastler Pass. (Apologies for the false advertising - this image isn't quite a 360 degree view).

From here, you can move south to the Traleika Glacier, deep in the heart of the Alaska Range.

mountains and glacier
The view from Traleika Glacier can be rather pleasant

nps image

Traleika Glacier

Over a mile wide, the mountains surrounding Traleika Glacier alter one's sense of scale. Bonus feature - check out Koven, Carpe and Tatum, the mountains for whom the 2011 sled dog litter was named.

Vegetation and thin soil covering the ice of the Muldrow Glacier
Vegetation and thin soil covering the ice of the Muldrow Glacier

nps image

Standing on the Muldrow Glacier

Don't let the greenery fool you - under a thin layer of vegetation and soil lies a frozen mass of ice. From here you can duck down into the glacier or head back up to a trail near Eielson Visitor Center.

Water, ice and dirt characterize the toe of the Muldrow Glacier
Icy waters flow out of the Alaska Range and its glaciers.

nps image

Low on the Muldrow Glacier

Like nature's tailings piles, myriad lumps of stagnant ice, covered in dirt and rocky debris, sit along the Muldrow Glacier. Swift and cold are usually the first two words visitors use to describe their encounters with any water that finally reaches a liquid state in these sub-arctic mountains.

Scenic views from Polychrome Mountain
Autumnal reds begin to emerge atop Polychrome Mountain

nps image

Polychrome Mountain

See the start of autumn on a particularly lovely day atop Polychrome Mountain. You can move farther south, into the mountains along the East Fork Glacier, too.

mountains and glacier
Ice and rock of the East Fork Glacier

nps image

High up the East Fork Glacier

Learn more about glacier monitoring while you enjoy the great views of the East Fork Glacier.

This pano also connects back to the view from atop Polychrome Mountain.

Mountains and forests, seen from Mount Healy
The view from the Mt Healy Trail terminus

nps image

Mount Healy

Overlooking the park entrance and points outside the boundaries of the park, Mount Healy is an approachable mountain. The trail leading to this spot right from the visitor center is a great hike. Views of Denali are possible, and there's always a chance of seeing some wildlife along the way.

You can "hike" down from this perch to the Triple Lakes Trail, and myriad other trails are hidden in the forest lower on the slopes of Mt. Healy.

Fall foliage along the Triple Lakes Trail
Fall colors emerging along the Triple Lakes Trail

nps image

Triple Lakes Trail

At roughly nine miles, one-way, the Triple Lakes Trail is great for those seeking a long hike. The southeast trailhead is near the eponymous lakes, while the northern end of the trail offers views of Mt. Healy and the Riley Creek drainage.

You can jump atop Mount Healy from this pano.

Scenic view of aspens and spruce forest, mountains in the background
Fall colors along the Meadow View Trail

nps image

Meadow View Trail

Low on the slopes of Mt. Healy, the Meadow View Trail offers some lovely views for hikers in the entrance-area of the park.

Train trestle crossing Hines Creek, thick forest
The Alaska Railroad crosses high above Hines Creek

nps image

McKinley Station Trail

Full of recent human history, the McKinley Station Trail travels through the area first used as "park headquarters" by Harry Karstens, the park's first superintendent.

A self-guided tour of the McKinley Station Trail fleshes out the colorful stories of pioneers and park rangers that called this spot home in the early 1900s.

Snow-covered mountains and willows
Winter scenery near the Savage River

nps image

Mountain Vista

Located near the Savage River, the Mountain Vista area offers views of Healy Ridge and other mountain scenery.

Divide Mountain Flank
Toklat Valley

NPS Photo

Toklat Valley and Divide Mountain

At mile 53 the east and west branches of the Toklat River come together in this stunning valley. In the summer months Toklat is a great place to find wildflowers or spot signs of wildlife.

Kahiltna glacier
Kahiltna Glacier

nps image

Upper Kahiltna Glacier

Get a scientist's-eye view of a spot in the middle of the upper Kahiltna Glacier. You can also bounce farther up the glacier to Base Camp.

Lower Kahiltna Glacier
Lower Kahiltna Glacier and Denali

NPS photo

Lower Kahiltna Glacier

Get a scientist's-eye view of a spot in the middle of the lower Kahiltna Glacier. You can also bounce farther down the glacier to the terminus.

Kahiltna Terminus
Terminus of the Kahiltna Glacier

NPS photo

Kahiltna Glacier Terminus

This vantage point is part of Denali's repeat photography glacier monitoring program. Repeat photography is an easy way to monitor the health of a glacier. You can also bounce farther up the glacier to an index monitoring site.

Igloo Creek
Igloo Creek - Fall

NPS photo

Igloo Creek

This photo was taken on October 7, 2011 just after a snow storm rolled through Igloo Creek Canyon.

View of Mount McKinley from the middle of Wonder Lake, in winter
Wonder Lake, in winter

nps photo

Wonder Lake in winter

Stand on the frozen surface of Wonder Lake and enjoy views of the Alaska Range to the south, and rolling hills to the west, north and east.

View of Mount McKinley from the snow-covered Turtle Hill area
Denali, seen from Turtle Hill

nps photo

Turtle Hill in Winter

Located south of Wonder Lake, Turtle Hill offers a similarly spectacular view of Denali

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