Annual Research Updates

two researchers in waders look for insects on a rock

NPS Photo / Kaitlin Thoresen

Researchers in Denali study just about everything imaginable, and each year they tackle new and exciting topics. From why glaciers surge to how wildlife and humans interact with the park road it is clear that research in Denali plays an important role in understanding and protecting the vast resources that exist within the park's boundaries.

Stay up to date with the most recent projects taking place in the park by exploring the current research topics below.

Current Research Projects

a caribou crosses a dirt road


Discover where the caribou herds roam, where wildlife is being seen along the park road, and what your chance of viewing a wolf is.

Close up of tiny blue forget-me-nots

Plants & Vegetation

Find out how many invasive plant species can be found lurking in Denali and how off-road vehicles may impact vegetation.

pink fireweed grows amidst burnt trees

Wildland Fire

Discover why defensible space helps to protect structures, what prescribed fires are planned, and how fires affected Denali during 2014.

two tripods holding sound equipment sit on a rocky hillside

Park Management

Discover what you might hear throughout through the park, why wilderness is important, and how wildlife and visitors share the park road.

two people stand next to a car under a sign for Mt. McKinley National Park

History & Culture

Find out how communities perceive climate change, what's new in the museum collection, and current archaeological surveys.

a snow cover mountain

Earth Science

Learn about how glaciers are monitored, the year's weather report, and how Denali's air quality compares to other part of the world.

visitors on a bus use binoculars to look out the window

Social Science

Find out what Denali's visitation looks like and how visitors are counted at visitor centers.

Last updated: September 20, 2018

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