Birds by the Season

a group of pictures that show a braided river in different seasons

NPS Photos / Tim Rains

The seasons dictate the distribution and abundance of bird life in Denali. A seemingly bare landscape in winter fills with the vibrant colors and glorious songs of a diversity of birds in late spring. Summer landscapes are brimming with a cosmopolitan avian fauna busily raising broods and preparing for autumn migration and winter. In autumn, the tundra is transformed into blazing autumn colors and migrating birds leave by the thousands. By early October only the latest migrants and hardy year round residents remain.

Explore the sections below to view images of Denali's birds through the seasons.
a lush green mountainous landscape


Discover more about the many birds that call Denali home during the warm summer months.

a group of sandhill cranes fly across the sky at sunset


Shorter days indicates the arrival of fall and the park's vibrant migrants start to make their long treks back to their wintering grounds.

a partially white ptarmigan hides in a snowy bush


It may seem quiet during the snowy cold winter months, but in truth Denali's resident bird populations can still be seen wandering the park.

a warbler sits on a bare branches


After a long winter, the park starts to thaw and life returns with an influx of migratory birds sharing their songs.

Last updated: May 19, 2016

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