Human Hundred: A 100th Anniversary Challenge

Six photographs of people cycling, hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing

NPS Photos by Kent Miller, Charlotte Bodak, Alex Van Der Styuf, and Jay Elhard

blue circle with a stylized drawing of a mountain and the words denali national park 2017 human hundred challenge
The sticker for participants who complete the Human Hundred Challenge in 2017.

Grab your gear. Mark your map. Start your app, if that's your thing. Walk, bike, run, ski, snowshoe - however you feel moved to move yourself!

The Challenge

Denali is challenging its visitors and staff to get outside, get active, and log 100 miles of human-powered travel to commemorate its 100th birthday. You can walk, bike, run, ski or snowshoe.

Watch for ranger-led events you can choose to attend to help you reach your Human Hundred - or get out and about on your own! Claim your 2017 Human Hundred participation sticker at a park visitor center.

Don't forget to share your fun adventures on social media @DenaliNPS using #Denali100 and #HumansofDenali.

For more information on this or any 100th Birthday events in 2017, contact Denali's Anniverary Team.

Sample Tracking Sheet
You should keep track of your mileage (and/or hours) however you'd like. We suggest something simple, like a spreadsheet formatted like the table below:
Date Activity Miles / Hours
Example date Example activity (e.g., ranger-led hike) 2 miles
Example date Example activity (e.g., hiked Triple Lakes Trail) 9 miles
Example date Example activity (e.g., community bike ride) 2 hours

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Past Events

You're welcome to meet the Human Hundred Challenge entirely on your own, but periodic community events are also scheduled. Get a sense of what has already happened below, and keep an eye out here for future group outings.
several people cross-country skiing through a sparse forest under a blue sky
Some of the participants from the Human Hundred Challenge kick-off event

NPS Photo / Molly McKinley

February 27, 2016
Denali's first Human Hundred event, an 8-mile ski on the Spring Trail, was held on Winterfest Weekend. A spectacular afternoon graced the group of skiers who included one very small skier (in tow!) and visitors from as far away as Maryland.
a park ranger and several people on snowshoes in a snowy forest

NPS Photo

February, 2016

Range Clara led a snowshoe hike that departed from the Murie Science and Learning Center and explored Denali's front country trails.
a ranger standing among a large group of bicyclists on a dirt road

NPS Photo

March, 2016

During National Park Week, rangers led two bicycle outings, starting from the Teklanika Rest Stop and heading west on the Park Road. Over 80 cyclists participated!

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