Rika Mouw

Red Carpet” 91” x 24” digital Print on canvas
Red Carpet” 91” x 24” digital Print on canvas

Red Carpet

A red carpet is used for distinguished visitors upon their arrival. With its history Park Road, Denali National Park offers visitors unparalleled access to a vast and wondrous wilderness. A maintained road inside a designated wilderness is uncommon. Good or bad, it serves as a "red carpet." It is a true privilege to be able to enter the heart of this spectacular landscape, stand in awe of North America's highest mountain peak and experience the amazing wildlife that inhabits the wondrous place. It is my hope that each visitor will come away from Denali as an ambassador for this untrammeled wilderness, and for all remaining untrammeled landscapes. It is through this piece, created with an assemblage of red fireweed leaves gathered in the fall, that I hope to evoke a sense that each of us travels on a red carpet while inside this wilderness. The gathered leaves were individually pressed, dried, arranged on a large sheet of paper and then photographed. This photograph is the actual size of the assemblage. Once photographed, the leaves were returned to the landscape.

— Rika Mouw, 2012

Rika Mouw
Rika Mouw

Rika Mouw is a studio jewelry maker/sculptor living in Homer, Alaska. She studied and received her degree in landscape architecture from the California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, with the intention of better integrating human built environments within their respective surrounding natural landscapes. She worked in this capacity in Colorado for many years Today her artwork is inspired by her continued deep connection with Nature and her on going advocacy for the natural environment. Her work is in the collections of the Anchorage Museum and the Pratt Museum in Homer. It has been shown across the country in museums, galleries and publications in her ongoing advocacy for the beauty and importance of the complexly interconnected natural systems which we all depend upon.

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