Karin Franzen

“At Home in High Places” 59” x 39” fiber art
“At Home in High Places” 59” x 39” fiber art

At Home in High Places

It's an amazing experience to stand on a mountain ridgeline, an altitude obtained after hours of ascending drainages and traversing scree slopes, up as high as you can possibly go by foot, to watch Golden Eagles soaring overhead or contouring the slopes below you as they hunt. Deep in the mountainous regions of Denali National Park, the breathtaking and rugged landscape is their home. The strong emotional connection forged from observing and learning about the eagles provided the inspiration for my piece, “At Home in High Places.”

— Karin Franzen, 2009

Karin Franzen
Karin Franzen

The work of Karin Franzen revolves around one of her favorite subjects, the birds of Alaska. She uses skills honed over a lifetime: drawing, mathematics, structural design, sewing, an understanding of biology, and business acumen to create her work. Her fabric art is widely known and has been included in several important international and national exhibitions, including “Quilt Visions 2008: Contemporary Expressions,” “Quilts of the Pacific Rim,” and “Made in Alaska.”

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