Sukey Bryan

“Glacier Rivers 1” 79” x 32” oil on canvas
“Glacier Rivers 1” 79” x 32” oil on canvas

Glacier Rivers 1

In my work, I am interested in the interaction and transformation of natural elements propelled by tidal, climatic, volcanic and tectonic forces. During my ten-ay artist residency, I photographed, sketched and painted this pristine wilderness. This painting, "Glacier Rivers I," was painted upon returning home to my studio in Stanford, California. It explores the contradictory delicacy and power of the glacier rivers that have shaped and continue to alter the mountains and valleys of Denali and are the lifeblood of the ecosystem.

— Sukey Bryan, 2008

Sukey Bryan
Sukey Bryan

Sukey Bryan uses her oil paintings to explore the interaction and transformation of natural elements and cycles propelled by tidal, climatic, volcanic, and tectonic forces. She has a particular interest in the taiga, and tundra ecosystems, the flow of water across the varied terrain, and the climatic cycles of the land and flora. Visit her website.

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