Deborah Bouchette

The Soul of the Wolf Cries (L'âme du loup pleure)
"The Soul of the Wolf Cries (L'âme du loup pleure)" 72" x 72" oil paint on four wood panels

The Soul of the Wolf Cries (L'âme du loup pleure)

As artist-in-residence, I never felt more mindful of the movements of wild animals: eating the spring earth, drinking the rain and river, migrating, hunting, fleeing, romping, swimming, and shaking the fur coat of winter in the warming spring sun. Feeling like a voyeur called to mind the responsibility of the delicate stewardship we all have in interacting with this ecosystem. I realized all of the place names that I found on the old USGS maps in the East Fork cabin are symbolic of our interventions here. I wove the names into this painting, along with the drawings reminiscent of animal movements, and a wolf the one creature that I did not see during my stay. The title is a line from an old French song that I love.

— Deborah Bouchette

Deborah Bouchette

Visual artist Deborah Bouchette is exploring philosophy as a parallel to art and art as a parallax for philosophy while she pursues her PhD at the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts (Portland, Maine). Visit her website.

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Deborah Bouchette was a 2012 Artist-in-Residence at Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska.

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