Lesson Plan

Rose Window (Radial Design)

6 abstract radial designs in various colors and drawings

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Grade Level:
Kindergarten-Fourth Grade
Art, History, Social Studies
2, 45 minute sessions
Group Size:
Up to 24
in the park
National/State Standards:
Historical, Cultural and Social Contexts.
Creative Expression and Communication.


Recognizing and creating radial designs to identify cultural artifacts.


Students will be able to recognize and create radial designs, and identify specific cultural artifacts that utilize radial designs.
Visual Art Standard: Historical, Cultural and Social Contexts
Benchmark: Recognize and describe visual art forms and artworks from various times and places.
Visual Art Standards: Creative Expression and Communication
Benchmark: Demonstrate knowledge of visual art materials, tools, techniques, and processes by using them expressively and skillfully. 


Materials in this plan include wax paper cut in circles, watered-down glue, watercolor brushes, colored tissue paper cut into small squares, buckets, black construction paper cut in squares, scissors.



The success of this project can be ascertained through the quality of the artwork. The instructor can also ask a series of questions regarding the objectives of the lesson to determine how well students have comprehended the material.
Alternatively, the rubric below can be used to rate each child's performance during the working period. 
Art Rubric  
Category  Possible Points  Earned Points 
Craftsmanship  20   
Time on Task  20   
Following Assignment Guidelines  20   
Use of Materials  20   
Clean Up  20   

Park Connections

Social Studies – The group can explore the role of churches and church ornamentation in Europe.
History - Students might also explore the evolution of industry in America. The Wright brothers built the bodies of their bicycles from scratch. Compare their production process with contemporary bicycle production, and with the introduction of the assembly line in automobile production. How did the assembly line revolutionize American industry? Who was responsible for this dramatic change? What connection did he have with the Wright brothers? 


The instructor can assist students with folding and cutting as needed, or ask a responsible peer to assist students with special needs. If paraprofessionals are available, they can work alongside these students.

Additional Resources

The Rose Window, by Painton Cowen


Symmetry - a composition in which two sides are equally balanced.
Radial design – a composition in which equal parts spread out from a central point.

Last updated: January 6, 2017