Lesson Plan

Homage to Bleriot

Abstract artwork by Robert Delaunay
Delaunay's Homage to Bleriot

Robert Delaunay

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Grade Level:
Kindergarten-Fourth Grade
Art, History
45 - 60 minutes
Group Size:
Up to 24
National/State Standards:
Historical, Cultural, and Social Contexts.

Creative Expression and Communication.

Analyzing and Responding.


Communicating ideas through interpreting and creating visual symbols.


Students will be able to interpret and create visual symbols to communicate ideas.

Visual Art Standard: Historical, Cultural, and Social Contexts
Benchmark: Identify art forms, visual ideas, and images and describe how they are influenced by time and culture.

Visual Art Standard: Creative Expression and Communication
Benchmark: Develop a range of subject matter and ideas to communicate meaning in two- and three-dimensional works of art.

Visual Art Standard: Analyzing and Responding
Benchmark: Identify and describe the visual features and characteristics in works of art. 


Materials for this plan include a reproduction of Robert Delaunay's Homage to Bleriot, pencils, sketch paper, color pencils, marker, or pastel



The success of this project can be ascertained through the quality of the artwork. The instructor can also ask a series of questions regarding the objectives of the lesson to determine how well students have comprehended the material.

Alternatively, the rubric below can be used to rate each child's performance during the working period. 

Art Rubric  
 Category Possible Points  Points Earned 
Craftsmanship  20   
Time on Task  20   
Following Assignment Guidelines  20   
Use of Materials  20   
Clean Up  20   

Park Connections

Graphic design – The group might explore the idea of graphic design, and consider how their ideas could be used on a variety of materials and products. Robert Delaunay's wife, Sonia Delaunay-Terk, used many of the color and shape patterns she and her husband developed on articles of clothing. Students could think about how to transpose the images they used in their paintings on shirts, pants, or shoes.

History – The group could explore other technological innovations, and the ways that artists have celebrated them in a visual form. 


Peer groups can be used to assist students who struggle to develop ideas, or have difficulty expressing themselves in a visual format.

Additional Resources

The Eiffel Tower, Robert Delaunay, by Milos Cvach and Sophie Curtil

Robert Delaunay, by Michel Hoog

Sonia Delaunay: Artist of the Lost Generation, by Axel Madsen

Sonia Delaunay: Fashion and Fabrics, by Jacques Damase 

Last updated: February 19, 2016