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Civil War 150 : State by State

Disclaimer: The following is a list of states that have sought to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War. Please keep in mind that not all of the states that played a role in this historical event have chosen to establish an official commemorative effort.

AR CW150 Arkansas Civil War
Sesquicentennial Commission

CT CW150

Connecticut & the Civil War:
A Sesquicentennial Commemoration

Delaware Heritage Commission

Delaware Heritage Commission

Georgia Civil War 150

Illinois Civil War 150

Illinois Civil War SesquicIllinois Civil War Sesquicentennialentennial

Indiana Civil War 150

IA CW150

KS 150 Logo
Kansas Territorial
Sesquicentennial Commission

Maine's Ciivl War Sesquicentennial

Maine's Civil War Sesquicentennial

Maryland Civil War 150

Maryland's Heart of the Civil War
Heritage Area

Michigan Sesquicentennial

Michigan Sesquicentennial
of the Civil War Commission

Mississippi Sesquicentennial of the
                                American Civil War Commission

Mississippi Sesquicentennial
of the American Civil War Commission

Missouri's Civil War
Missouri's Civil War
Heritage Foundation

NJ CW150 Logo

New York Civil War

New York Civil War
Sesquicentennial Committee

NCCW150 North Carolina Civil War
Sesquicentennial Committee

Ohio Civil War 150

Oklahoma Civil War

PA CW150 Pennsylvania Civil War 150

SC CW150
South Carolina Civil War
Sesquicentennial Advisory Board

TN CW150

Tennessee Civil War Sesquicentennial

Utah Civil War 150

VA CW150 Virginia Sesquicentennial
of the American Civil War Commission

West Virginia Civil War
Sesquicentennial Commission

Wisconsin Civil War
                                Sesquicentennial Commission Logo

Civil War 150 : Across State Lines


American Association for State and Local History

In preparation for the upcoming Civil War Sesquicentennial, AASLH has compiled a list of contacts for officially appointed state sesquicentennial commissions to allow these state groups a forum to communicate regarding their Civil War 150 plans and activities. They also sponsor a quarterly conference call for representatives from each state.

John Brown's Raid Logo

The John Brown 150th Anniversary Quad-State Committee, comprised of various historians and officials from West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland, are planning and coordinating a range of commemoration events. Officials responsible for organizing the commemorations say that events will include re-enactments, dramatic productions, art exhibits, academic lectures, special tours and much more.


The Journey Through Hallowed Ground is a trip along Route 15/20 from Gettysburg in Pennsylvania to Monticello in Charlottesville Virginia. Explore historic places on and near this historic route, the Old Carolina Road, a scenic and historically rich landscape that has "soaked up more of the blood, sweat, and tears of American history than any other part of the country," according to the late historian C. Vann Woodward.

Tri-State Civil War 150th

Tri-State Civil War 150th Commemoration Association

Tri-State Civil War 150th Commemoration Association is a 501(c)(3) organization formed for the purpose to develop concepts,resources, and programs to promote heritage tourism & education, in the public & private sector,for commemorating the Civil War Sesquicentennial.  Our regional geographic area of promotion involves a marketing footprint across three state lines and is focused on Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama.


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