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The approaching 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War (2011-2015) offers the current generation of Americans a most important opportunity to know, discuss, and commemorate this country's greatest national crisis,while at the same time exploring its enduring relevance in the 21st century.


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Feb 13
Commemoration of the Skirmish Between the USS Carondelet and the Batteries at Fort Donelson

Fort Donelson National Battlefield
Dover, TN

On February 13, 1862, the USS Carondelet engaged in a test of wits, and armor, with the guns at the batteries along the Cumberland River at Fort Donelson. In the morning hours, the Carondelet made its way upstream towards Fort Donelson, and in short order the gunboat was exchanging shots with the guns at the fort.

Near the end of the engagement, during which the Carondelet received some damage, Captain Joseph Dixon, who was killed next to one of the 32-pounder guns.

This engagement would serve as a prelude to what would come the following day, February 14.

Feb 15

150th Anniversary of the Confederate
Attempt to Escape Fort Donelson

Fort Donelson National Battlefield
Dover, TN

The Confederates rejoiced at their victory over the US Navy ironclads on February 14th. Yet, despite this victory on the Cumberland River, the Confederate leadership was concerned about Ulysses Grant and the increasing number of reinforcements that seemed to be surrounding Fort Donelson. After a council of war, the Confederate leadership decided to strike a blow against the Union right to create a pathway of escape towards Nashville. Many on the Union side were unsuspecting. Grant was off having discussion with Flog Officer Andrew Foote, and the Union right was unprepared. Fierce fighting on the morning on February 15th took its toll on the Union troops...and it appeared as if the Confederates would have their second victory in as many days. But then some decisions would be made by their leadership that changed the course of the battle, and the Civil War.

Mar 9-11
150th Anniversary of the Battle of Pea Ridge

Pea Ridge National Military Park
Pea Ridge, AR

Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Pea Ridge. On March 9, The Pea Ridge National Military Park Foundation hosts "Songs and Stories of the Civil War" with Bobby Horton. On Saturday and Sunday, the Battlefield hosts a luminary display, reenactor encampment, memorial service, flag exhibit, and artillery demonstrations.

Apr 7
150th Anniversary Grand Illumination
of Shiloh Battlefield

Shiloh National Military Park
Shiloh, TN

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the bloody Battle of Shiloh, the park will be presenting a "Grand Illumination" on the evening of April 7. Luminaries will be placed around the battlefield representing the 23,746 casualties of the terrible fight. The illumination will begin at dusk and run until about 10:00 pm.