Antietam National Cemetery
About the Civil War, Civil War Stories

The Civil War touched every person and influenced every institution more profoundly than any other event in American history. Over half a million young Americans gave their lives fighting for or against the effort by Southern states to secede from the Union and to preserve a society based on slave labor. Not only were civilians deeply scarred by the war, but no aspect of the society, economy, or political system was spared. National Park Service interpreters explore this fact in a series entitled Stories of the Civil War.

The war, then, is the story not only of the generals and the soldiers, but of every one of the 30+ million Americans who were affected by the war. Taking sides split families and communities.  This was true not only in the East but in the West as well, for Indian wars were fought while the army was occupied elsewhere.  Residents in western territories had to make a calculated guess about the future of their country.  Here are the stories of the men, women and children who fought,
suffered, supported and died in this effort that would change the nation forever. 
We hope to add many more stories over the course of the next four years.

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