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Boy Scouts fishing with a Ranger


Baseball might be the American pastime, but there are countless other activities that provide participants with hours of amusement, recreation, and enjoyment. For you, one of these activities might be fishing. From American Indians to commercial fishermen and from expert bass masters to enthusiastic grandfathers, fishing has influenced the lives of untold numbers of people. It has been a means of food, livelihood, and recreation. Many of us have childhood memories—some delightful and some nightmarish—of our first fishing experience. Maybe your first time fishing brings memories of a favorite grandparent or the tale of the one that got away. Fishing allows us to catch a greater appreciation of nature and each other. The National Park Service (NPS) adopted its recreational fishing program, A Heritage of Fishing, in 1992. The program balances recreational demand with the need to protect our resources.When you fish in a national park, you become a steward of its mission to leave the area unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.

Recommended Locations
National Park Service (NPS) lands and waters are considered preserves for wildlife. Therefore, Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s (CVNP) philosophy in managing ponds and streams is to maintain the predator-prey relationship rather than to stock fish for recreational fishing. Catch-and-release fishing is encouraged to maintain the fish populations needed for continued sport fishing.The Cuyahoga River and numerous ponds are open to fishing. CVNP has over 70 species of fish. Steelhead trout and bullhead can be caught in the Cuyahoga River. Bluegill, bass, and crappie can be caught in lakes and ponds. Some of the best ponds are: Armington Pond On Quick Road between State Road and Akron Peninsula Road. Brushwood Lake On Townsend Road in Furnace Run Metro Park.This area is managed by Metro Parks, Serving Summit County. Consult the park district for fishing rules or view regulations online at Coonrad Farm Pond On Riverview Road approximately 1⁄2 mile south of Snowville Road. Goosefeather Pond On Scobie Road, off Oak Hill Road, south of Major Road. Horseshoe Pond On Major Road south of State Route 303 and about 1⁄2 mile west of Riverview Road. Indigo Lake On Riverview Road about four miles south of State Route 303. Kendall Lake On Truxell Road between Akron Cleveland Road and Akron Peninsula Road. Sylvan and Meadowedge Ponds Both reached by trail from the Oak Hill Trailhead located on Oak Hill Road, south of Major Road and north of Everett Road. 3/4- mile walk from parking area.

Pond Accessibility

Distances from parking lots to ponds vary from less than one hundred yards to 3/4 mile. Paved paths and fishing platforms at Horseshoe Pond and Kendall Lake make those locations fully accessible to persons with physical disabilities.


Enjoy this relaxing past-time alone or with friends, but please obey the following rules and stay safe. We hope you get “hooked” for many years to come! All of the following regulations apply in CVNP, some are also statewide:
  • A fishing license is required in accordance with the laws and regulations of the State of Ohio. Park rangers can and do check fishing licenses.
  • Gas-powered vessels are prohibited. Non-motorized and electric-powered boats are permitted, but must display proper registration.
  • Ice fishing is permitted on Kendall Lake when the ice depth reaches seven inches. This is not monitored so be extra careful when venturing onto the ice.
  • Taking bass from Kendall Lake between March 15 and May 31 is prohibited. Any bass caught in Kendall Lake during that time period must be immediately returned to the lake unharmed.
  • Possessing and consuming alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  • No commercial fishing is allowed.
  • You may only fish by hook and line, with the rod or line closely attended.
  • Fishing by the use of drugs, poisons, explosives, or electricity is not allowed.
  • You may not possess or use as bait live or dead minnows or other bait fish, amphibians, nonpreserved fish eggs, or fish roe.
  • You may not use preserved or fresh fish eggs, fish roe, food, fish parts, chemicals, or other foreign substance in water for the purpose of leading or attracting fish intended to be taken.
  • Introducing fish or fish eggs into any federally owned waters is prohibited.
  • Digging for bait is prohibited.
  • Taking turtles and amphibians (including frogs) is prohibited.
  • You must carefully and immediately return to the water from which it was taken any fish which you do not wish to keep.

Health Advisory

Due to the possibility of chemical contaminants in all bodies of water in Ohio, the Ohio Department of Health has issued an advisory that recommends limiting your consumption of sport fish to one meal a week. Please heed this advice and enjoy your catch safely.

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