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February 3, 2015
The remediation of the Krejci Dump Site has benefitted the Park and the public. This has become a model remediation in the NPS;by taking a contaminated former industrial site, restoring the ecology to its native condition (including three acres of wetland and wet meadow habitats) for unrestricted use by Park visitors, animals and plants alike, and transforming the additional open space that can be used for recreation ear a very urban environment. The responsible parties continue to control erosion and invasive plants until the re-vegetation performance standards are met.

August 29, 2012
Rigorous goals set for soil remediation and final restoration actions are scheduled to begin.The excavation and removal of approximately 371,000 tons of contaminated soils and debris has been completed. The comprehensive post-excavation soil sampling effort establishes that remediation goals for the 46-acre former dump site have been met. The final steps necessary to restore the Site may now begin, including final grading; re-vegetation using native meadow grasses, forbs and shrubs; and restoration of 3 acres of wetland and wet meadow habitats. The NPS expects this work to be largely completed before the end of 2012.

July 1, 2011
As of May 2011, preliminary soils data show that 176 of 185 quarter-acre grids on the Site had achieved all Site Remediation Goals. Four of the remaining nine grids (all on the West Site) continued to exceed cleanup levels for dioxins and have been the subject of additional excavation and sampling in June. The five remaining grids are still being used for haul roads and a staging area and will be excavated and tested once the other grids are clean.

NPS anticipates that EQIS will re-mobilize in late June to conduct additional excavation in any of the four West Site grids that continue to have dioxin-contaminated soil. If soil sampling results support the conclusion that the contaminated soil has been removed from these grids, then it is anticipated that EQIS will re-mobilize to remove haul roads and excavate and sample in the five remaining grids on the West Site that have been used for haul roads and staging.

EQIS is developing plans for grading and revegetating the East Site. Once those plans are approved by NPS and all sampling results have been confirmed, EQIS will survey and begin grading the East Site, most likely in the fall of 2011. Plans for West Site grading and revegetation will begin as soon as all West Site grids achieve the cleanup levels. East and West Site revegetation may be complete by the spring of 2012.

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