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Volunteers observing wildlife at Beaver Marsh.
Volunteers observing wildlife at the Beaver Marsh.


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  1. Read over Current Opportunities listed below.
  2. Complete the Volunteer Application and email it to by January 15, 2020.
  3. Completed applications will be sent to the supervisor of your chosen positions.
  4. We will contact you to set-up an interview. All interviews and screening will take place during February, 2020.
Current Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers will assist in presenting programs on Cuyahoga Valley’s history to park visitors. The programs will involve acting and require attendance at rehearsals and the production.
Time Commitment /Shifts: The times of these programs vary; there are weekend and daytime opportunities.
Location: Volunteers may travel up to an hour to preform programs, but most are within 30 minutes of the park.
Extra Training needed: Attend rehearsals and memorize script.

Volunteers needed to assist Countryside staff and vendors at the Farmers’ Markets. Tasks include; setting-up/tearing-down, parking, produce inventory, cheese demonstrations, market ambassador, photographer, and zero-waste ambassador.
Recruitment: Year-round. For more information visit,
Time Commitment: Flexible; 1-2 shifts per month preferred.
Shifts: Thursday and/or Saturdays; 1-4-hour shifts.
Location: Summer markets are Thursdays from 4-7pm in Highland Square and Saturdays from 9am-noon at Howe Meadow. Winter markets are select Saturdays from 9am-noon at Old Trail School.
Extra training needed: Shadow on the job training

Community Engagement
Volunteers work with NPS staff in communities surrounding CVNP with a focus on Cleveland and Akron neighborhoods. Duties include staffing booths and assisting with the presentation of programs that highlight the resources of CVNP.
Time Commitment: One event per month
Shifts: Vary based on program and event times, events take place year-round.
Location: vary based on program and events
Extra training needed: Shadowing and on the job training, Foundations of Interpretation and Informal Interpretation.

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad
Leaders facilitate the program in their car by creating a festive atmosphere for riders. Leaders welcome passengers, facilitate seating, create name tags for children, lead songs, and use appropriate techniques to engage visitors.

Assistants work with Leaders to facilitate seating and create name tags for children.

Leaders and Assistants work together to ensure a festive atmosphere through personal interaction, song and the use of appropriate techniques to engage visitors. Assistants follow Santa with bells for each rider and ensure that Santa moves through each car in 20 minutes.

Servers start pouring cocoa while passengers are boarding. Servers will begin serving cookies and cocoa to passengers once the train leaves the station. Before arriving at the North Pole, volunteers will collect all trash in bags provided. Once the car is cleaned up, all volunteers assist in creating a festive atmosphere in your car.
Recruitment: For more information visit,
Time Commitment: 5 hours each evening
Shifts: 5:00 – 10:00 pm
Location: Fitzwater Maintenance Yard for Rockside volunteers; Botzum Station for Akron volunteers

Cycling School
Volunteers work with other NPS volunteers to facilitate a biking experience for youth from the Cleveland and Akron areas. Volunteers assisting with fitting bikes and helmets to youth, accompanying youth on a bike ride along the Ohio & Erie Towpath Trail, and ensuring youth are safe on the ride. See attachment for more details.
Time Commitment: Four events per year
Shifts: Vary based on program and event times, late May and October.
Location: vary based on program and events
Extra training needed: Shadowing and on the job training, background check is required, Foundation of Interpretation.

Get Up, Get Out, and Go (GGG)
Volunteers work with NPS staff to provide recreational opportunities to community groups that travel to the park. Activities include hiking, field games, biking, fishing, and other activities that involve experiencing the park through recreation.
Time Commitment: Two events per month
Shifts: Vary based on program and event times, these programs take place predominately in the summer.
Location: Vary based on program and events
Extra training needed: Shadowing and on the job training, background check is required, Foundations of Interpretation.

Habitat Restoration/ Invasive Plant Crew
Projects will vary slightly dependent upon if you choose to participate in “done-in-a-day” drop-in or become a member of the Invasive Plant Crew. Projects include, invasive plant removal, seed collection, plant installation, and native plant care at the park nursery, splitting and stacking wood, chainsaw maintenance, and assisting with public planting events.
Recruitment: Contact the Volunteer Management Office
Time Commitment/Shifts: Drop-in’s, season is through spring, summer, and fall. 2 ½ hour shifts, held on weekends and weekdays. Invasive Plant Crew, 9-noon on Monday’s & Wednesday’s.
Location: Varies throughout the park; online registration required for drop-ins.
Extra training needed: Safety training and job training is provided at each drop-in. To become an Invasive Plant Crew member, you need to attend two drop-ins and read the herbicide training.

Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association Assist the interpretive and protection rangers by providing education, information, basic first aid, bike maintenance and trail monitoring to East Rim MTB trail users. Patrollers will act as a direct liaison between the trail users/visitors and park staff, i.e. alerting staff to potential problems and hazards, and relaying user/visitor comments and concerns to park staff.
Recruitment: Year-round, CAMBA Mountain Bike Patroller Orientations generally happen in the spring.
Time Commitment: 40-hours annually.
Shifts: 2-3 -hours; Weekdays and Weekend opportunities
Location: East Rim Trail
Extra Training: CAMBA Mountain Bike Patroller initial Orientation & Certification, First Aid/CPR/AED Safety Training, Bike Maintenance, annual refresher training, 3 Orientation Patrol Rides Certified CAMBA Mountain Bike Patroller, Foundations and Informal Training.

Park Promoters
Promote Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the Conservancy at on-site and off-site special events. Events include the Lyceum Series, park concerts, Pint Nights, and various other community events in Akron and Cleveland. Greet guests; answer questions; engage them in conversations about the national park; promote ways for the guests to become more involved in the national park through the Conservancy operations including membership, Extraordinary Spaces, Trail Mix and Park Place in Peninsula, volunteering, and Trails Forever. Duties include carrying and lifting.
Time Commitment: A few shifts each year. Long-term commitment.
Shifts: Various, depending on event.
Locations: Happy Days Lodge, Howe Meadow, and off-site events in nearby cities.
Extra training needed: Shadowing and on the job training; and Foundations of Interpretation and Informal Interpretation.

Paw Patrol
Provide an opportunity for park visitors to learn more about CVNP and the opportunities that canine companions can have along the trails. Through sharing personal experiences, dog related rules and regulations and general orientation and information, Paw Patrol helps provide a unique visitor experience and an opportunity to make contact with a well-behaved and trained canine volunteer and their owner. Duties include carrying reasonable literature, water and maintaining a safe environment surrounding themselves and their canine companion.
Time Commitment: ongoing, year-round
Shifts: various, depending on availability of hiking partner and need of patrols at specific events/locations
Locations: Cuyahoga Valley National Park wide, parades, special events
Extra Training: Canine Good Citizen, First Aid and CPR, Foundations of Interpretation and Informal Interpretation

Rail Rovers
Volunteers will present informal interpretation aboard CVSR on regularly scheduled runs. During the train ride they will distribute literature, share pelts, and answer questions about the national park.
Time Commitment: Minimum commitment is one shift a month November – May and two shifts a month June – October
Shifts: A shift consists of a 3-hour round trip out of any boarding station. Volunteer may do two shifts on the same day
Locations: Aboard CVSR, boarding at any boarding station
Extra training needed: New Rovers are required to attend a basic training. Foundations of Interpretation and Informal Interpretation. Shadowing and on the job training.

Safe is Sound
Share trail safety, etiquette, and park information at ‘Safety Stops’ along CVNP’s popular Ohio & Erie Towpath Trail. This multi-use trail sees thousands of visitors on bike, foot, strollers, wheelchairs, and leashes. Through these ‘Safety Stops’ volunteers share information on how everyone can have an enjoyable experience.
Time Commitment: 5-hours, generally 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Shifts: Wednesday - Sunday
Location: High visitation areas along the Towpath Trail include Boston Store Visitor Center, Hunt House, Station Road Bridge, Lock 29, Botzum Trailhead, and Canal Exploration Center. Other locations will be added as needed.
Extra training needed: First Aid/CPR/AED Safety Training, Foundations and Informal Training.

S.E.T. (Special Events Team)
Assist with on-site special events, including Monthly Lyceum Series, and Cuyahoga Valley National Park Concert Series. Volunteer assist in a variety of areas include directing traffic flow in the parking lot, taking tickets and operating the cash box, or serving refreshments.
Time Commitment: Flexible
Shifts: Evenings on Weekdays and Weekends
Locations: Happy Days Lodge
Extra training needed: 2-hour SET Training, Foundations of Interpretation, and Shadowing and on the job training.

Trail Maintenance
Cuyahoga Valley Trails Council, (CVTC) is an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to improving the trails in Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP). Anyone can be a trail work volunteer; no experience, special skills, or special tools are required. Volunteers clear new trails, install drainage systems, build bridges and steps, and perform many other vital maintenance functions.
Recruitment: Year-round. For more information visit,
Time Commitment: Trail repair projects are typically scheduled once a month (March - December).
Shifts: Saturday mornings, timeframe varies dependent upon project.
Extra training needed: On-the-job training is provided.

Adopt-a-Trail, (AAT) is an opportunity for people of all ages to assist the staff of Cuyahoga Valley National Park in maintaining safe and well-groomed trails by joining a group that takes responsibility for one trail. Help "sweep" the trail by trimming branches, clearing culverts, racking leaves and reporting trail conditions.
Recruitment: A formal recruitment is not necessary to participate in a trail sweep. To view the fall schedule visit,
Time Commitment: Flexible
Shifts: Trail “sweeps” are scheduled multiple times a month (March – December).
Extra training needed: On-the-job training is provided.

Buckeye Trail Association, is the leader in building, maintaining, protecting and promoting use of Ohio's longest scenic hiking trail for our citizens, communities and partners. Help park staff and experienced volunteers maintain and improve sections of Ohio\s Buckeye Trail that run through CVNP.
Recruitment: Year-round. For more information visit,
Time Commitment: Flexible
Shifts: Group work sessions scheduled throughout the year.
Extra training needed: On-the-job training is provided.

Trail Mix Shop Greeter
Assist retail staff in the operation of the stores by providing excellent customer service, greeting visitors, providing information/orientation and provide First Aid/CPR when needed and maintain First Aid/CPR requirements. By keeping abreast of current park resources and issues, promote the national park and the Conservancy’s operations to visitors. Rove between Trail Mix Peninsula and the Peninsula Depot to welcome visitors to Peninsula, encouraging visits to Trail Mix Peninsula. Rove between Trail Mix Boston and the Volunteer Management Office, answering questions and greeting visitors. Duties include carrying and lifting.
Time Commitment: Bi-weekly shifts preferred. Long-term commitment preferred.
Shifts: 3 to 4-hour shifts; weekend afternoons and early evenings on weekdays
Locations: Trail Mix and Park Place in Peninsula
Extra training needed: Shadowing and on the job training, on-site updates at the beginning of your shift, Foundations of Interpretation.

The National Park Service is seeking volunteers to be part of the hike, bike, and horse patrol group called Trailblazers. Trailblazers patrol the park’s trails to provide visitor assistance with information, First Aid/CPR, bicycle repair and other needed help.
Recruitment: The Trailblazer Program will begin recruitment in the spring. To learn more, sign-up to shadow a Trailblazer and attend the Trailblazer Information Session in April. To schedule a shadow patrol with a Trailblazer, contact the Volunteer Management Office at In your email please indicate which type of patrol you are interested in; whether it's hike, bike or mounted.
Time Commitment: Complete 40 hours of hike, bicycle, or horse patrol each year, plus attend three general meetings a year.
Shifts: Morning, Daytime, and early Evening patrols; Weekday and Weekend opportunities.
Locations: Bike, hike and bridle trails in the park.
Extra training: Shadow a Trailblazer (optional), Candidates must be available for a 27-hour initial training, and willing to provide first aid and CPR. Complete 2-day Core Training, Pro-Rescue Safety Training, bike maintenance and radio communication, 3 orientation patrols with an experienced Trailblazer, and Foundations and Informal Interpretation.

Visitor Center Assistants
Assist rangers with operation of visitor center, including: greeting visitors, providing information/orientation, operating radios, and completing Eastern National sales; will provide First Aid/CPR when needed and maintain First Aid/CPR requirements; and will keep abreast of current resource issues and maintain knowledge of park and its resources. Most work will be performed indoors in historic structures.
Time Commitment: Weekly shifts preferred. Long-term commitment preferred.
Shifts: Mornings and Afternoons on Weekdays and Weekends
Locations: Canal Exploration Center and Hunt House
Extra training needed: First Aid and CPR Training, Foundations of Interpretation and Informal Interpretation, Shadowing and on the job training.

Wildlife Watchers
Rove at the Wildlife Watcher Station and at times on the park trails. Volunteer has direct contact with park visitors by providing informal interpretation about the park resources and at times giving directions. Reports visitor emergencies and responds to first aid situations according to certification and training. Volunteer will lift and carry materials, work in variable weather conditions and hike all types of terrain.
Time Commitment: Shifts each month from February through November.
Shifts: Mornings, afternoons, and evenings on Weekdays and Weekends.
Locations: Great Blue Heron rookery on Bath Road, Station Road Bridge, Beaver Marsh, and possibly new sites.
Extra training needed: Wildlife Watchers Training, First Aid and CPR Training, Foundation of Interpretation and Informal Interpretation, and a 3-day shadowing period.



Looking for a way to get involved in your community and help connect people, food, and land? Volunteer for Countryside at our Farmers' Markets! Volunteer opportunities include setting up and tearing down vendor equipment, parking management, market ambassadors, staffing the information booth, counting customers, staffing the zero waste station, assisting with Countryside Cheese sales, produce inventory, and photography. Visit Countryside's website for more information and to fill out a volunteer application.
CV Railroad logo 3-color

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

Ever want to be behind the scenes of a real working railroad? Opportunities include special event assistants, conductors, mechanics, brakemen, trainmen, concessionaires, servers for beer and wine tastings and other special events, and office help. Elves are also needed to march alongside the Polar Express sleigh in parades. Enjoy a unique opportunity that combines the love and nostalgia for the railroad with the reward of helping passengers enjoy the heritage of the area. Find more information and complete their online volunteer application here.

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