Lesson Plan

Dungeness Map Scavenger Hunt

Aerial view of the Dungeness mansion
Aerial view of Dungeness mansion and outbuildings (c. 1910 - c. 1916)

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Grade Level:
Fourth Grade-Eighth Grade
Architecture, Architecture (Building Styles and Methods), Geography, Social Studies
30 - 60 minutes (includes pre-visit classroom activities)
in the park
National/State Standards:
Georgia Performance Standards: Map Skills


In this activity, students will have an opportunity to practice their map reading skills while exploring the Cumberland Island Dungeness ruins.


While participating in classroom and park activities, students will:

  • learn about the history of Dungeness and Cumberland Island.
  • use a map of the Dungeness area to explore evidence of past residents.


To obtain necessary background information and instructions for completing this activity, please download the Dungeness Map Scavenger Hunt Lesson Plan and conduct the Pre-Visit activities with your students. The websites listed in the Additional Resources below, provide some basic historical background on Dungeness.



  • Computer/Projector
  • Internet access
  • Selected websites from list of Additional Resources (see below)
During Visit to the Park:

  • Copies of the the Dungeness area map & corresponding instructions for each group

Park Connections

School groups are invited to participate in the daily Dungeness Footsteps history walk. The walk takes place twice daily, when a ranger is available, and begins shortly after the ferry arrives at the Dungeness Dock.

You may also listen to the tour by phone by calling 866-418-3963.


If time permits, you may also consider visiting the Cumberland Island Museum, located in downtown St. Marys. Please call 912-882-4336 ext. 254 for information on hours of operation. To learn about the type of exhibits in the museum, you can visit the Cumberland Island Museum webpage.

Students may enjoy completing the following activities on their own, or with their families:

Additional Resources

Use the following websites to introduce your students to the history of Dungeness:

Last updated: April 14, 2015