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Beach Survey

Baby Turtle
Baby Turtle

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Grade Level:
Third Grade-Fourth Grade
Environment, Oceans
60 - 90 minutes
indoors or outdoors
National/State Standards:
Georgia Performance Standards:
S3L2, S3CS1, S4L2, S4CS1


Every year approximately 14 billion pounds of trash are dumped into the ocean. This trash can create problems for people and wildlife. In this lesson, you can help your students better understand this important issue.


Upon completion of the activities, students will be able to:

  • list ways people use plastics.
  • explain how plastics and other pollutants harm wildlife.
  • describe how people can reduce the use and disposal of pollutants.


To obtain necessary background information and instructions for this completing this activity, download the Beach Survey Lesson Plan and conduct the Pre-Visit activities with your students. You may also want to use some of the Additional Resources listed below to help provide your students with background information on this issue. This will help prepare them to better understand the onsite activities once they are on the beach.



  • Computer/Projector
  • Internet Access
  • Selected websites from list of Additional Resources (see below)

During Visit to the Island:

  • Trash bags
  • paper/pencil (to document discoveries)


Students may enjoy completing the following activities on their own or with their families:

Additional Resources

Use the following websites to access multimedia & printable resources related to this lesson:

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Last updated: April 14, 2015