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moisture damaged house

The Wet Stuff can...

Damage the historic materials you care about

Force you to make costly repairs

Be prevented with simple, common sense measures




  Water, water everywhere! Without argument, it's essential to us. But in terms of the places where we live or work, unwanted moisture means erosion, corrosion and rot! This mini-web class can help anyone who cares for, or about, a historic house to better understand and deal with the three most common sources of the "wet stuff."

Learn how they invade historic materials:

  • From the outside "in"
  • From the ground "up"
  • From "within" the interior itself.

We'll show you what goes wrong when moisture is not adequately managed and how to turn the corner on present and future problems by providing some simple, common sense tips. Then, after you've read everything, take a short quiz to see if you're still "All Wet."

Just follow the links:

drawing of test tube Start Here!
The Invaders Have a Science!
drawing of door opening They enter through
the outside of your house!
drawing of door opening They enter
from your yard!
drawing of door opening They just stay
inside your house!
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Take the Historic House Quiz
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