Weather Buoy

Crater Lake Weather Buoy
Crater Lake weather buoy.


Weather Buoy

  • Installed in 1992
  • used for climate change research
  • used to help understand the effects of air and water temperature on lake currents
  • anchored in water 580 meters deep
  • records:
    • air temperature
    • humidity
    • wind direction
    • wind speed
    • water temperature
    • solar radiation
  • View the data at this site

Maintaining the buoy
Oregon State University oceanographer performs maintenance on the buoy.


Maintenance of the weather buoy.

  • The buoy can be detached from the mooring, towed to shore, and the top removed to access data loggers and batteries on the inside.
  • Weather data is collected every hour. A computer, using a telephone modem, calls a relay station located in the Crater Lake Lodge. The relay station, using a radio modem, then calls the weather buoy and establishes a two-way connection between the buoy and the computer so data can be collected.
  • The HQ computer then transmits the data to the public website for use by staff, the National Weather Service, and other interested parties.

Last updated: March 18, 2016

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