The sediment trap for Crater Lake

sediment trap on boat
The sediment trap is out of the water where researchers are collecting the sediment from the clear tube in the middle of the fiberglass funnel.


A sediment trap is a funnel-like device deployed in the water column to capture and measure the amount of material sinking to the lake floor. A sediment trap has been used in Crater Lake for 30 years, with the final year being in 2013. The sediment trap was operated by Oregon State University, Oceanography Department.

sediment trap portrait
The sediment trap used in Crater Lake with 30 years of signatures and graffiti inscribed by researchers and park staff.  This trap was retired in 2013.


sediment trap off neuston
A sediment trap being deployed from the R/V Neuston.


sediment trap
A sediment trap as seen deployed underwater.


Last updated: February 28, 2015

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