The Research Vessel Neuston

Neuston docked at Cleetwood Cove

The research vessel Neuston docked at Cleetwood Cove on Crater Lake.

Specifications of the R/V Neuston:

  • 33 foot Munson Hammerhead, V Hull, custom built circa 1995
  • aluminum hull and pilot house
  • dual V-8 engines supply thrust, electrical, and hydraulic power
  • Volvo Penta outdrives with dual, counter-rotating props
  • Pilot house has GPS, radar, depth finder/sonar
  • The boom crane and winch are rated at 800 pounds with a 2000 foot, 3/16 inch, wire rope (cable)
  • Port-side sampling station with 1/8 inch wire rope, winches, and gypsy head


  • The R/V Neuston is housed in the Wizard Island boathouse over winter. The pilot house is removed for winter storage.
  • The R/V Neuston is moored either at Cleetwood Cove or Wizard Island during summer operations.
  • The boat is all-weather capable and able to withstand 5-foot waves that are common on the lake.
  • The GPS can be linked to the navigation system for hands-free operation during science expeditions.

R/V Neuston at work on the lake.

The R/V Neuston on a misty and cloudy Crater Lake.

Starboard view of the R/V Neuston
A starboard view of the R/V Neuston showing the boom in operation.


A port-side view of the R/V Neuston
A port-side view of the R/V Neuston showing the sampling winches and gypsy head infrastructure.


Last updated: February 28, 2015

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